Low Carbon Devon Inspire Event

NOW Partners’ partner Andy Middleton, CEO of TYF, joins Low Carbon Devon to speak at the event, ‘Climate Action: The Time is NOW.’


Hosted by Low Carbon Devon: “Declarations of Climate Emergencies, the Race to Net Zero, Reducing Carbon Footprints – these are now daily headlines, but what does this mean for you and your enterprise here in Devon?

The first in a series of Low Carbon Devon expert panel led discussions aiming to inspire action, the event will address the worldwide context of Climate Emergency, what this means for Devon and how you can take action today.”

22 April 2021
16:30-18:00 (London)


Andy Middleton, Chief Exploration Officer, TYF Adventure; Partner, NOW Partners, helping organisations correlate their ambition, goals and actions to the speed and scale of response that’s needed for large scale sustainability change.

Phil Hawthorne, Head of Design at Red Paddle Co and advocate for creative and responsible design which embodies Circular Economy processes.

Natalie Whitehead and Alice Mills, co-founders of the Exeter Science Centre, a visionary project creating a public space where science is accessible to everyone.


Low Carbon Devon site here.