The B business potential:
Why multinationals become B Corps

15,000 B Corps & Benefit Corporations worldwide. In 71 countries and across 150 industries, 12,000 companies are already Benefit Corporations by legal statute and 3,500 by B Corp certification.

They include our multinational client-partners Natura, The Body Shop, Danone and Triodos Bank. Following a rapidly expanding trend, many more multinationals want to join. Additionally, 80,000 companies are using B Corp tools, including the SDG Action Manager, co-created with the United Nations.

A new logic for business & economy

B Corp business value: Beyond B Corp Certification, these companies recognize the value of leveraging this new economic DNA that generates positive impact while improving all aspects of business.

When skillfully communicated, B impact increases brand equity, resulting in attracting, retaining and motivating best talent and investors, B2B and B2C customers and other value chain partners. It also reduces risks and supports your license to operate.

Supporting the B Corp journey
of large companies

NOW Partners was created to assist multinational corporations, large family companies and systems institutions with every aspect of the B Corp journey. This journey may commence with exploring whether it makes sense to become a certified B Corp or use other B instruments such as the Benefit Impact Assessment (BIA).

Most importantly, NOW supports companies on their ongoing implementation journeys, which can positively impact every stakeholder and each aspect of business and economic activity.

Regenerative Value Creation

At NOW Partners, we call the synergistic integration of positive impact on people and planet with economic success Regenerative Value Creation (RVC). RVC equitably benefits all stakeholders, including shareholders and nature.

We support our client-partners to adapt Regenerative Value Creation to the specific context of each product, market and stakeholder.


The necessary economy

Our approach is based on the conviction and experience that the integration of positive impact and economic success can and must become mutually enhancing – the necessary economy.

We need a fundamentally new logic that replaces ‘business as usual’ – which has taken us to the brink. The time to be satisfied with doing nice CSR projects is over. We need systemic solutions in business and economics that help to regenerate all systems of life. Many practical examples demonstrate that we can do this, especially when we join forces.

Unleashing B's integral
business opportunities

Some examples of how companies benefit from the B Corp business potential:

  • Natura: How being a B Corp helped Brazil’s Natura to grow into the world’s fourth largest and widely admired beauty group that positively impacts the lives of millions, while helping to protect the Amazon and other biospheres.
  • Danone: How becoming a B Corp contributes to innovating Danone’s business models and translates around the world its One Planet One Health strategy into tangible realities.
  • Unilever: How Unilever’s acquiring and growing eight B Corps contributes to increasing its brand equity among consumers, investors and talent to the point that it attracts 2 million job application per year.
  • Philips: Why even highly recognized sustainability leaders like Philips are exploring whether B Corp measurements and certification might be a valuable contribution to their already outstanding impact and image.

Unleashing B’s integral business opportunities
To support the B business potential of multinational corporations, large family companies and systems institutions, NOW unites 100 global partners and their teams to help you refine all core aspects of business: purpose, vision and values, strategy, leadership and culture development, innovation of products, business models and value chains, communication, stakeholder engagement and M&A. And we help you to integrate these and other aspects of your fundamental transformation and pragmatic transition into a coherent, mutually reinforcing architecture.

Supporting hundreds of companies on their B journeys
Building on decades of prior experience in running companies and co-creating economic innovation movements, many of our partners co-founded the B Corp movement in Europe, the Americas and Africa and supported hundreds of companies on their B journey.

We continue to help grow and lead the B movement around the world and are B Lab’s official partners in developing its new B Corp Way corporate service platform.

We are your peers and partners for change
Being advisors as well as founders, owners and leaders of multinationals and innovation start-ups, we are your peers who understand your challenges and opportunities, your inspiration for fundamental transformation and your needs for pragmatic transition within your companies and the wider systems within which you operate. We would feel privileged to partner with you to demonstrate that a new mainstream of business and economy is possible.