Why NOW: Need & Opportunity

We founded NOW Partners Foundation in response to an urgent need and a game-changing opportunity: Around the world a rapidly growing number of multinationals, large family companies and systems institutions want to fully integrate positive impact with economic success.

These companies & institutions recognize that we are approaching a tipping point from the extractive to the regenerative economy that requires a fundamental shift from shareholder primacy to equitably benefiting all stakeholders, including investors and Nature. Because in order to thrive, companies and people need healthy economies, societies and ecosystems.

Growing opportunities

These companies discover the growing opportunities to attract and retain best talent and investors, B2C and B2B customers. They understand that demonstrating solidarity and developing real relationships with civil society and local governments, protects their license to operate.

They range from the leaders of 12,000 Benefit Corporations to the 183 CEOs of the Business Round Table and the International Chamber of Commerce, from Black Rock and major institutional investors to the heads of the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

Regenerative Value Creation

They recognize that their future growth and their competitive advantage depends on successfully implementing this new DNA, this new logic of business that makes serving people and planet mutually enhancing with their company’s and economy’s success.

NOW specializes in the art and craft of implementing this new business logic that we call Regenerative Value Creation. It transforms positive impact from being optional costs that need to be controlled into ‘must have’ investments to can be optimized. It finally allows leaders to align head and heart, giving rise to tremendous energy. Read more. >>

100 Partners, 2,500 Years

All of this is easier said than done. Business leaders must discover how to reinvent and transform every aspect of business while successfully managing pragmatic transitions in the midst of increasing complexity and multiple crises. They don’t have to figure this out alone.

To respond to their complex challenges and opportunities, NOW assembled 100 global partners with a cumulative track record of 2,500 years in leading companies and helping them to transition and transform in alignment with Regenerative Value Creation. Growing rapidly, NOW integrates global scale with cutting-edge expertise and experience.

We are business owners, leaders
and entrepreneurs

We are business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. We know what it means to be responsible for large corporations, innovative start-ups and multilateral institutions. We have succeeded in the current economy while moving it towards regenerative business.

We are senior advisors and experts in the transition from mainstream to regenerative and B Corp business. We have already supported many of the world’s most iconic brands in their transitions and transformations. Read more about our team. >>

We support transition
& transformation

Because every aspect of business has to evolve, we offer a wide range of synergetic services that accelerate Regenerative Value Creation and systems change towards a Regenerative Economy. We support pragmatic transition as well as fundamental transformation.

We segment our mutually reinforcing services into services for Leaders, Companies and System Institutions. NOW’s services support, among others, your work on purpose and vision, strategy and leadership development, innovation and impact, brand and comms, finance and M&A, ecosystem engagement and systems transformation. Read more about our services for Leaders, Companies & Systems. >>

Partnership as core value

‘Partners’ is our name and our core living value. Amongst ourselves we collaborate as real partners. We support each other to live our purpose and increase our impact, to develop professionally and personally within the complexities of our daily lives.

We partner with our clients to discover and implement customized solutions. As peers, we develop real relationships, grounded in honest communication. We support you to create real partnerships within your companies, your value chains and wider ecosystems.

Our shared purpose

Together we serve a common purpose. When our contract ends, we leave behind more than expert reports that you struggle to implement. We want to co-create solutions and support you to develop resilient capacities to pragmatically transition and sustainably transform.

Commitment is what matters: We don’t judge how far you have come on your journey. We all have to evolve. And, we choose to work with those who are really committed because to give birth to the change we need, we can’t be ‘a little pregnant’.

Economic innovation movements

We co-found and co-lead economic innovation movements such as the B Corp movement that together with legal benefit corporations has 10,000 company members and includes also cities, academics and other professionals. Read more about the B Corp business potential. >>

Already 30 years ago, our partners co-created the first sustainable business alliances and since then helped to develop and implementation Circular Economy and Carbon Neutrality, Natural Capitalism and Biomimicry, Diversity and Inclusion, Impact Investing and Micro Finance, Regenerative Leadership and Sustainable MBAs – which together empower regenerative systems change. Read more about our system change services. >>

Collaboration & Competition

We partner for collaboration & competition. To create regenerative companies and economies embedded in healthy societies and ecosystems, we can learn from true sport: intelligent rules and a fair level playing field support creative competition within a collaborative context to empower evolution towards our individual and collective potential.

We co-create pre-competitive consortia that advance regenerative innovations, implementations and measurements within companies and throughout value chains. While refining their specific competitive advantage, our corporate partners collaborate as peers and with our world class experts. Read more about NOW Consortia in our Services for Systems. >>

B Corp business potential

Our partners co-founded and co-lead the B Corp movement in Europe, the Americas and Africa and support its development in Asia and Australia. They helped hundreds of companies to become B Corps.

As an official B Corp Way partner, we work closely with B Lab to support companies on their B journeys: Philips, we help to consider whether they want to become a B Corp. Danone USA, our co-founder advised on their path towards certification.

B Corp business opportunity: Independent of certification, we help companies such as Natura & Co to fully benefit from the amazing B business potential, which contributed to their evolution to become the world’s fourth largest and most regenerative beauty group. Read more about the B Corp business potential. >>

A Benefit Corporation

Given our purpose and mission, we chose to become a benefit corporation, obliged by law to serve the common good, adhere to higher standards on purpose, accountability and transparency and officially report on our impact.

Becoming a certified B Corp means that our own performance regarding governance and impact on people & planet will be regularly and independently audited.

It also means we are part of a global movement that includes some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and regenerative companies that support each other and global system change.

Owned by a foundation
& carbon regenerative

NOW is owned by Global Academy Foundation, a fully regulated USA operating foundation, to which NOW contributes 10% of its gross income. For 30 years, Global Academy has served private and public sector change leaders and system transformation. Read more >>

NOW is Carbon Regenerative: We intentionally avoid having corporate facilities and vehicles. That minimizes our Scope 1 or 2 emissions. Our Scope 3 emissions are mostly caused by unavoidable, long distance air travel. We offset 200% of all emissions by co-financing independently audited, high impact regeneration projects in Africa. More significantly, all of our work supports regeneration.

Sustainable Development
Goal Alignment

SDG alignment: In all our actions we serve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – humanity’s global TO DO list. We support our clients to translate the SDGs into specific actions and to measure their SDG impact.

SDG 17: Our name is inspired by SDG 17, which states that humanity can only successfully address its tremendous challenges and opportunities in partnership.

SDG 18: We support the creation of SDG 18, which would acknowledge that humans need to develop their whole selves to partner effectively with each other and Nature.

Sustainable Development Goals in Photos: Visit the SDG Photo Gallery of NOW Partner Elisabetta Illy here.>>

The meaning of our name

The time to act is NOW. We share a strong sense of urgency. That’s why we only offer ‘must have’ services and co-create ‘must do’ initiatives to empower actions that really matter.

The word NOW also stands for connecting with what is really going on in every moment and around the world. As our awareness deepens, so does our experience and understanding of ‘now’. It opens beyond the present moment into history and the emergent future, inviting capacities of presence like creative clarity, applied wisdom and resilient strength.

Partners: When we realize that we are both unique and united, our purpose and actions become increasingly focused, compassionate and empowered. Partnership becomes the obvious answer.