Towards a regenerative economy

As leaders and advisors, our global partners have empowered the transition and transformation of many of the world’s most respected and successful corporations, private and public sector institutions. The following examples offer a glimpse into how we support them to discover and implement solutions that optimize their specific integration of positive impact and economic success. In our Services sections you can find such examples paired with descriptions of our mutually reinforcing services for leaders, companies and systems institutions.

    Vision, Innovation & Brand

    Our partners launched Apple’s category-defining PowerBooks Product Platform, creating a new era of portable computing and generating $1 bn in its first year. Supported leadership and the design team to tap into the founding innovation vision, rethink the design process, and re-conceptualize the brand product line as a reflection of personal identity.

    Africa in Action

    A NOW partner leads Ashoka Africa and others support it with continent-wide strategy, leadership development and team coaching. Empowering hundreds of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs across the continent to advance system change, including in education, affordable healthcare, sustainable agriculture, women’s empowerment, human rights, peace work, good governance and democracy.

    Asian Development Bank

    As former director of Asian Development Bank, a NOW partner advanced public, private and civil society awareness and collaboration towards sustainable development, human and physical infrastructure solutions that promote and integrate improved livelihoods and proper management of natural resources, while countering the impacts of climate and related socio-economic disruption.

    B Corp Movement

    The global B Corp movement that NOW’s partners help to develop around the world certified almost 4,000 B Corps and inspired the international Benefit Corporation legislation that includes 10,000 companies. B Corp tools are used by many more businesses. Many NOW partners own B Corps and NOW supports multinationals to develop their full B Corp business potential.

    Integrating Intra- and Entrepreneurs

    A NOW partner created prototype-to-startup launch program, combining intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial startup founders, corporate executives and funders, venture capital investors and incubator leaders to empower Cisco’s Hyper Innovation Living Lab (CHILL) to innovate cancer care.

    Empowering Sustainable Success

    A NOW partner had nine-year assignment leading Executive Board and Governing Board Retreats for Compass Group, the world’s largest foodservice company employing 600,000 in 45 countries. Translated core strategy into yearly executive development program for top 400 leaders. Built the architecture to develop shared culture and competence to drive front-line service in existing and nearly 300 acquired companies worldwide.

“The question is not whether we are able to change, but whether we are changing fast enough.”

Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

    Global Alliance for Banking on Values

    Our partners co-developed and led this alliance of now 59 regenerative banks on five continents. With €200 billion in assets, 80,000 co-workers, they outperform the average commercial bank, while serving directly 60 million and indirectly many more ‘bottom on the pyramid’ business leaders and SMEs which in most Southern Hemisphere countries are the backbone of employment and entrepreneurship.

    Regenerating Groningen, Netherlands

    NOW is co-initiating a systemic stakeholder collaboration to resolve devastation caused by gas extraction that led to earthquakes, soil collapse, pollution, real estate damage and emigration of top talent. Co-convening local and national government, civil society, academia and business to find solutions that regenerate the region, also as a model for other regions.

    Developing Health

    Introduced systematic self-care approach to leadership program NOW partners co-created for Alliance for Health and Nutrition that educates society, lobbies lawmakers and companies, helps to change laws and regulations to transform healthcare and education systems. Many participants found that developing self-care led to deeper understanding of holistic health, greater performance and better policy proposals.

    Acquiring Innovation Leaders

    Our partners have a 60+ transactions, $40+ billion track-record with globally recognized, best-in-class partners and ecosystems, including IBM. Advised on inorganic strategy and execution for sustained growth and business model evolution, balancing diverse vantage points of people, culture, environment and financial returns.

    B Way of Business

    Our partners co-founded the B Corp movement and support B certification & business transformation of multinationals, inc. Chiesi (pharmaceuticals), Natura & Co and Danone USA. NOW partners with B Lab to create B Way platform to support companies on all aspects of B Journey – from exploring whether to seek certification to full-on B Corp transformation.

    Transforming companies and healthcare

    A NOW partner headed IDEO’s organizational transformation practice that applied IDEO’s famous product & service innovation approach to corporate transformation. As head of IDEO’s healthcare practice, also developed initiative implemented by hundreds of U.S. hospital systems to create, test and spread innovative strategies & processes that systematically improve healthcare outcomes.

“The world is changing enormously. You need to learn new skills every day, but you also need to unlearn some of the old skills from the past.”

Paul Polman

Co-founder, Imagine

    Wisdom traditions empower business

    A NOW founder’s industry group introduced meditation to managers 30 years ago and today applies Bhutan’s GNH. A NOW partner trained Google’s mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainers and introduces its methods to other multinationals. Another NOW partner is SAP’s Chief Mindfulness Officer, trained 10,000 engineers and advises Germany’s top industry leaders.

    Regenerative Innovation

    A NOW partner led experience-based, action-oriented learning journey and workshop for C-suites of GE, Cisco, Intel and other companies to explore potential of blockchain-empowered digital and regenerative supply chain innovations. Resulted among other concrete innovations and collaborations in nano-tagging blockchain application to eliminate conflict minerals in Cisco’s supply chain.

    Sustainable Banking

    At request of World Bank’s International Finance Corporation CEO, NOW partners co-designed leadership and business model approach to systematically align global loan portfolio with social and environmental sustainability agenda, addressing divergent department cultures, contradictory incentive structures and integrating understanding that economic performance can become mutually reinforcing with benefiting people and Nature.

    Supply Chain Transformation

    As Hewlett Packard’s lead for sustainable supply chains, a NOW partner directed the successful reinvention and transformation of Hewlett Packard and the electronic sector’s responsible business practices in environmental processes and products, health, safety, ethics, human rights and labor practices. At NOW she is co-leading a newly created Regenerative Supply Chain Consortium.