Accelerating economic evolution
to regenerate people and planet

The WHY is clear, now the HOW

Aligning our companies and economies with the planet’s imperatives is inevitable & urgent. It integrates regenerative growth with competitive advantage and secures our license to operate. But how do we activate break-through opportunities that generate real value for all stakeholders, including shareholders and Nature? NOW Partners Foundation’s 100 global partners empower leaders, companies and other economic and finance system institutions to integrate positive impact with economic success to enable Regenerative Value Creation.

Services for Regenerative
Value Creation

Our full range of mutually reinforcing services empowers leaders, companies and system institutions to successfully serve all stakeholders, including shareholders and Nature. Together we discover and implement solutions that optimize your specific integration of positive impact and economic success.


Towards a regenerative economy

For three decades, NOW’s global partners have empowered the transition and transformation of many of the world’s most respected companies and system institutions. Below are a few examples of what we do and how we do it.

    Sustainable Health Tech Leader

    We support Philips to become a sustainable health tech leader whose meaningful innovations improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2030. We help to concretize its purpose into 2025 goals and implementation approach that unifies business success and leadership development with the health of people and planet, invites 80,000 employees to live their purpose and empowers 50,000 suppliers to move towards Regenerative Value Creation.

    Integral Leadership Architecture

    As Unilever’s Global Head of Leadership and Learning, a NOW partner led integral leadership and organizational transformation architecture for “Path to Growth”, Vitality brand renewal, Growth Journeys, Diversity & Inclusion, Bottom of Pyramid and Leadership Centre Renewal to help position Unilever as a globally acclaimed sustainability leader attracting now 2 million job applications annually.

    Vision, Culture, Strategy 2030

    We co-created the 2030 Vision of Natura & Co, a highly respected and successful B Corp. Born in Brazil, it grew into the world’s 4th largest beauty group after acquiring The Body Shop, AESOP and AVON. The vision process helped to integrate yet preserve diverse corporate cultures from the Americas, Europe and Australia. The ambitious vision orients core strategy towards fully integrating positive impact on people, nature and systems with dynamic business growth.

    B Corp Certification & Business Potential

    As co-founders and senior leaders of the B Corp movement, our partners supported hundreds of companies to become B Corps, including Chiesi Pharmaceuticals and Danone USA. We specialize in helping companies to discover and implement their B business potential that benefits all stakeholders, attracts top talent and investors, B2C and B2B customers and protects their license to operate in an increasingly complex and challenging global context.

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Our global partners

NOW’s 100+ global partners are business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, senior advisors and experts in B Corp and regeneration, high & clean tech, impact investing & finance, happiness & mindful action, innovation & systems transformation.

Walter Link

NOW Partners’ founding CEO. Former co-owner of Euro-Asian industrial group. Co-founder & leader of first sustainable business networks across Europe and the Americas. Advisor and coach to senior leaders in business and other sectors. Passionately committed to co-creating a regenerative economy within a regenerative civilization.

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Moneshia zu Eltz

More than 25 years of value creation through M&A, strategic partnership, venture investing and post-merger integration for corporate transformation. CEO of Volunteer Vision. Previously Vice President of Global Alliances, Partnerships and Venture for Philips.

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Marcello Palazzi

NOW Co-founder and Global Ambassador. Impact entrepreneur, economist and visionary for human progress. 35 years global experience focused on Better Economies, Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for public good. Has led and co-led 25 successful ventures across the highest levels of business, civil society, finance, government, philanthropy and academia.

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Hunter Lovins

President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions. Environmentalist and champion of sustainable development for over 35 years. Chief Impact Officer at Change Finance. Consultant to governments, industries and communities worldwide including the Pentagon, the UN and the US Congress. Author and Social Entrepreneur.

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Tom Cummings

Entrepreneurial Founder. Executive Board Member. Adviser to leaders and teams in more than 30 countries over 30 years. Creative partner and thought leader for systemic visioning, enterprise performance and leadership renewal.

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Maria Emilia Correa

Recognized leader in sustainability and entrepreneurship in Latin America and abroad. Entrepreneur and investor in B Corporations. Co-founder of Sistema B. Member of the Board at Colbún (energy), Explora (hospitality), Córpora (family holding) in Chile, and Fundación Bancolombia (finance) in Colombia.

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Pedro Tarak

Senior Leader of Global Bridge Builders at Sistema B International. Co-founder of Sistema B and former President of Sistema B International. Impact entrepreneur, global change maker, strategist and innovator for regenerative and sustainable business.

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Dr. Tiffany Jana

Author, social entrepreneur, international public speaker, Doctor of Management, strategic adviser. Founder and CEO of the TMI portfolio of companies, a collection of socially responsible and interconnected companies working to advance more culturally inclusive and equitable workforces.

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Hein Dijksterhuis

Executive coach, strategy consultant, psychologist, author, world champion in sailing. Expert in creating the conditions for organizational transformation. Specialist in facilitating the U-process to discover meaningful solutions to challenges. Creates high performance teams and supports them in becoming a force for good.

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Sandrine Dixson-Decléve

One of the 30 most influential women across the globe driving change in the low carbon economy and promoting green business. First female Co-President of the Club of Rome. Senior advisor for CISL, ETC, Interel, and E3G. Climate change and energy policy expert.

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Pape Samb

Global Vice President of Ashoka and Executive Director of Ashoka Africa. Global social entrepreneur and impact leader. Agent for change for youth globally. Public speaker. More than 20 years experience in systems change leadership, program, and resource development.

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Marise Barroso

38 years executive experience, 10 years as a Board Member. Expertise in marketing, sales, new business development, sustainability, digital transformation and general management. Owner of MRB Consultoria. Elected one of 46 women in Brazil who translate the real meaning of female empowerment.

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Peter Coughlan, Ph.D.

Design, strategy and organizational change consultant with hundreds of clients from Silicon Valley startups to global consumer product companies. Decades of experience leading organizations to implement new structures and capabilities.

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Renata Puchala

CEO and Founder at Become Sustainability Hub. Advisory board-member at Climate Ventures. Former Head of Business and Sustainability at Natura Cosmetics and board-member at B Lab. UN Global Compact and Circular Economy CE 100 Brazil.

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Mathis Wackernagel

Co-creator of the Ecological Footprint and President of Global Footprint Network. Award winning pioneer of new approaches to global sustainability. Has worked to promote ecological sustainability with governments, corporations and international NGOs on six continents.

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