Regenerative Business Solutions
in Virtual Reality

Premiered at the Future Lab of the ISPO Munich tradeshow, ISPO & NOW Partners’ Virtual Reality goggles allowed viewers to see regenerative business solutions that have been successfully implemented by leading global businesses and B Corps in 360 Virtual Reality.

Viewers experienced Regenerative Business solutions from Natura &Co, the world’s largest B Corp that has pioneered business success as integrally linked to its positive impact on communities, and Rizoma Agro, a Brazilian company leading in Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative Value Creation
in Action

Natura &Co works with local communities in the Amazon to create a mutually beneficial supply ecosystem from fruit to sustainable product.

Rizoma Agro, a Brazilian company, has perfected regenerative agriculture solutions to address climate change, biodiversity, food security, health of people and farming communities.

More business solutions that are financially successful through Regenerative Value Creation were featured in the ISPO & NOW Partners Master Classes held on-site at ISPO 2022.

Explore Regenerative Solutions in 360 VR

​While these videos are intended to be viewed using VR Goggles for full effect, if you do not have access to VR Goggles you can also explore the ​videos in 2d. Use your mouse to navigate this 360 Virtual Reality video to explore the regenerative business solutions implemented by Natura &Co and Rizoma Agro in Brazil. Please select 4K viewing for best quality.

Hear from Natura & Co’s João Paulo Ferreira about the principles behind Natura & Co’s success – integrating business success with #regeneration of people & planet:

Fabio Sakamoto of Rizoma Agro, introduces viewers to their Regenerative Agriculture operations which – in addition to be more productive and more profitable than conventional are also regenerative – sequestering carbon & re-introducing biodiversity: