The Carbon Bankroll

How could transformation of financial supply chains present a massive opportunity for companies & banks to lead the change towards decarbonisation?

In ‘Following the Money, Leading the Change,’ James Vaccaro, partner at NOW Partners, Executive Director of the Climate Safe Lending Network (CSLN), and a member of the advisory panel for the Glasgow Finance Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), explains the importance of the recently released Carbon Bankroll report, which highlights the climate impact of cash held by global businesses and the potential power to transform financial supply chains.

James Vaccaro writes: “Major corporations know how to innovate and drive markets; banks respond to their customers and know how to scale up solutions efficiently. Brought together this could spark transformative change at a time when it is needed most.”

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The Carbon Bankroll is a new report produced by Climate Safe Lending NetworkThe Outdoor Policy Outfit & BankFWD, that quantifies the climate impact of companies’ cash balances and sets out how responsible corporations can catalyse systemic progress on climate. 

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NOW Partners’ Tom Cummings and Nicole-Anne Boyer were consulting partners, with NOW Partners as a sponsoring partner and South Pole as a methodology partner.

Media coverage of the Carbon Bankroll Report:
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