• Andrea Alvares, Natura and Co

    “Global Academy co-designed and helped to facilitate this complex process with key leaders from the different companies, including their CEOs and founders.”

    “This process contributed to deeper professional relationships and to sharing valuable knowledge between the companies. Besides developing the vision, this process intentionally supported the integration of our very diverse company cultures, which originated in Latin and North America, Australia and Europe. By involving leaders from all business functions, the Sustainability Vision became simply the group’s overall vision and is now being integrated into our core strategy – also because of the inspiration of Global Academy. And we are now continuing our collaboration to achieve concrete value creation.”

    Andrea Alvares, Natura and Co Senior VP of Sustainability, Brand and Marketing Lead of Natura & Co’s Sustainability Network of Excellence 

  • Marc Mathieu, Samsung

    “They are my colleagues, my cohorts, my secret weapon, and my friends. We are lucky to have had the chance to affect so much change together, and we will keep climbing uphill, always.”

    Marc Mathieu CMO Samsung and Former Unilever SVP Marketing about NOW Partner Christophe Fauconnier & Innate Motion

  • Ryan Eustice, Toyota Research Institute

    “(You were) a master sherpa in guiding us up the innovation peak, led our teams to more creative thought processes, better collaboration (and) improved results.”

    Ryan Eustice SVP Automated Driving, Toyota Research Institute about NOW Partner Jennifer Kenny

  • Jean-Yves Krumenacher, Danone

    “An incredible experience, an extract of the best of innovation which motivated me to bring my performance and sustainable development objectives to the highest level. LEAN for GREEN!”

    Jean-Yves Krumenacher VP Danone Regions and Innovation about NOW Partner Christian Forthomme & RealChange

  • Peter Blom, Triodos Bank

    “Dijksterhuis’ approach to organizational transformation aligns the external world with an analysis of the inner world of people and organizations. He successfully marries measurable facts, emerging social challenges and the need for clear goals with personal values, authenticity and business principles. The combination has proven to be very effective for Triodos Bank helping it to realize its strategy and take significant steps in its development.”

    Peter Blom CEO Triodos Bank and Chair of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values about NOW Partner Hein Dijksterhuis

  • Geraldine Gardner, German Marshall Fund

    “Our organization has collaborated with TMI Consulting for the past three years on regular workshops with high-level, international professionals from local governments, NGOs and the private sector. In this context, I called upon TMI to develop and deliver original content presentations, facilitate diverse groups of stakeholders. TMI is engaging and their consultant’s deep professional knowledge of and commitment to inclusion practices also makes them attuned to the unique needs of different audiences to ensure people feel included, informed, and heard.” Geraldine Gardner Director of Urban and Regional Policy, German Marshall Fund about NOW Partner Dr. Tiffany Jana

  • Alan Webber, Fast Company

    “Fantastic job! Truly brilliant. Your powers of listening were inspirational” Alan Webber Founding Editor, Fast Company About NOW Partner Andy Middleton

  • Doug Okun, Wells Fargo

    “(You have) a startling ability to turn teams who have warred with each other for years–in some cases unable even to talk to each other civilly–into a coherent team, (resulting in) effective collaboration that far exceeds the expectations” Doug Okun SVP Enterprise Digitization, Wells Fargo about NOW Partner Jennifer Kenny

  • Stephen Heintz, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

    “I support you because what you do is so much needed and yet so unpopular: Convening open-minded, non-partisan dialogs when most others only want to promote their own opinion at great cost to democracy and social innovation.” Stephen Heintz President, Rockefeller Brothers Fund about NOW Co-founder & CEO Walter Link

  • Vaclav Havel, former President, Czech Republic

    “Your inspired and pragmatic vision for the development of our societies and economies is exactly what Eastern Europe’s transition needs: Integrating creative market forces with the real needs of people and nature.” Vaclav Havel former President, Czech Republic about NOW Co-founder & CEO Walter Link

  • Anita Roddick, The Body Shop

    “You are such an important leader in building this movement and transforming the world. Together we will achieve things that many think are impossible. But we know they will happen because we will make them happen and have fun doing it!” Anita Roddick Co-founder, The Body Shop about NOW Co-founder & CEO Walter Link

  • Wangari Maathai, Nobel Laureate

    “The outcomes of the process you led were magic. This is what the UN should be like: Real collaboration between real human beings who represent our diversity and capacity to create the change we need.” Wangari Maathai Nobel Laureate about NOW Co-founder & CEO Walter Link

  • Francisco Fraga, P & G

    “An eye opening experience that led to life-changing learning.” Francisco Fraga Vice-President, Information Technology, P & G about NOW Partner Christian Forthomme & RealChange

  • P & G Europe

    “You really made a difference and will help drive change in the team. Your knowledge of the subjects was great and you did it in a humble way with an impressive leadership style.” SVP, P & G Europe About NOW Partner Andy Middleton