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Volkert Engelsman

Founder, Resilience Hub. Co-Founder, Robin Food Coalition. Founder and Former CEO, Eosta. Where ecology meets economy. 

Volkert is a leading force in the world of healthy food and thriving soil. For decades, he has used his expertise to advocate for the preservation of soils and cleaner food production through organic and regenerative agriculture.

By combining ecological principles with economic strategy, Volkert ensures food integrity and transparency, aligning his efforts with climate and social action.

Volkert brings over 30 years of experience as the Founder and CEO of Eosta to his new ventures, Resilience Hub and Robin Food Coalition – a food transition network for one-health, social inclusion, and regenerative agriculture.

Eosta, which currently stands as the leading distributor of organic fruit in the EU, has pioneered sustainability practices within the sector. All Eosta products carry a Nature & More (QR) code offering full transparency with regards to the product’s unique grower story as well as its ecological and social impact of the product. This commitment to sustainability has evolved into a guiding principle for the wider industry.

Eosta was the first to obtain carbon credits on organic farming practices and to offer Climate Neutral products in the European food market. In 2022, Eosta founded the business Alliance for Regenerative Agriculture, a global community of practice to accelerate financial incentives for ecosystem services.

Under Volkert’s leadership, Eosta initiated the Save Our Soils campaign in collaboration with the FAO, 200 partners, and esteemed figures such as Desmond Tutu, Julia Roberts, the Dalai Lama, and Sioux Chief Arvol Looking Horse, during the United Nations Year of Soil in 2015. Additionally, Eosta launched the True Cost of Food initiative in 2016, advocating for food prices to reflect the genuine costs and benefits, including hidden environmental and social factors.

Volkert has been a staunch advocate for soil health as a defense against climate change, biodiversity loss, malnutrition, and hunger. His visionary perspective recognizes the evolving definition of profit to include social and environmental costs.

Moreover, Volkert has co-founded several other CSR companies such as Soil & More Impact, Vitalis Organic Seeds, Ecos Del Agro Costa Rica, Florganic Europe, Biofresh Belgium, TOSC UK, Red Sea Organics Israel and procurement agencies in South Africa, Argentina, Peru.

Eosta’s outstanding efforts have garnered numerous accolades, including the Public Eye Award for corporate social responsibility at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Dutch Innovation Award, the Nr 1 position at the 2017 Trouw Sustainability Top-100, the King William I Prize for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2018 and the European Business Award for the Environment 2019.