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Thais Barros Beldi

Entrepreneur and philanthropist. Innovation director, Facens University. Co-founder SAMA Education Ecosystem, President Instituto Alexandre e Heloisa Beldi, Synergos Institute, Dia de Doar, Drops of Action, Sustenidos Ambassador. 

Thais has over a decade of experience in innovation and leadership, working to promote the integration of sustainability and education with the market and society at large. 

Currently the Innovation Director at Facens University, Thais researches national and international initiatives that integrate formal education to the needs of society.  She is responsible for the creation of the Emotional Collaboration Laboratory (Enlace), the Sustainability Committee, as well as the Social Innovation Laboratory which won the International Green Gown Awards and the Entrepreneurship Center which won the Babson Collaborative Spotlight Award in 2021. 

She is also co-founder of the SAMA education ecosystem – an edtech focused on K12 solutions, and member of the Global Philanthropists Circle of the Synergos Institute, and the board of the Dia de Doar and Ambassador’s Committee of Sustenidos. 

Thais is President of Instituto Alexandre e Heloisa Beldi, which promotes Doa Sorocaba campaign – part of a global movement (Giving Tuesday) encouraging the culture of donation and giving in Sorocaba – and Empresas do Bem, a campaign that promotes generosity inside companies. She also co-founded Drops of Action, an Instagram and Facebook channel connecting people to Brazilian social and environmental initiatives in need of support. 

Thais is passionate about increasing awareness around sustainability and collective action. She focuses on the importance of each individual act to create global change and feels strongly that we have a moral obligation to the future generations of our planet and must respect both it and each other.  

Thais is also an amateur filmmaker, creating content around human kindness as a way of expressing her creativity and firm belief in the innate goodness of all human beings. 

Thais has a degree in Business Administration from the Presbyterian Mackenzie University and a Graduate Diploma from Boston University.