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Simoon Fransen

Leading awareness based systems change projects for government, education, agriculture, nature-preservation and business since 2000. Director of Source for Change, Core Team Netherlands and Strategy Team, Presencing Institute, European Program Coordinator and community builder at Berkana institute.

Simoon designs and leads awareness-based systems change processes with the perspective that people, teams, and organizations are ecosystems, each stakeholder with an individual value that must be taken into account to flourish and function effectively. Her work focuses on capacity building, application through consultation, leading labs and change projects and community development, local and global, online and offline. She trains and leads professionals in creative thinking, facilitating change through multiple frameworks including Theory U, Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and Biomimicry.

As a member of the u.lab team, Simoon hosts the Government Track and coordinates the Hub Host community. Simoon has not missed a year as host since 2015, making 2019 the 6th time she has hosted for regional government in the Netherlands. Together with the Dutch national government, she initiated “For Tomorrow’s Harvest,” a social lab with the aspiration to reinvent agriculture. Together with Otto Scharmer she supports Odyssey, connecting governments, corporates and non-profits with innovative entrepreneurs from around the world to let them jointly tackle 21st-century challenges.

Simoon loves how varied her work is. In 2019 alone her projects included: working as trainer and coach to support a local ecosystem in North Macedonia, training hub hosts in Scotland, training a pool of facilitators to lead change for the Dutch Waterboard, facilitating a project about climate adaptation for the Dutch government, and leading the facilitators of 16 primary schools in the Netherlands to design education for the future as a response to the shortage of teachers and excessive pressure in the workplace.
Up until 2013, Simoon worked for the City of Oss (The Netherlands), leading the municipality and its partner organizations through change processes. She also initiated and lead the first Future Center for government in the Netherlands during that time.

Deeply inspired by and strongly connected with nature, Simoon started to work with John P. Milton (founder Way of Nature and co-creator of Theory U) in 2014 through co-hosting Nature Quests, contributing to community development, and co-creating the communication strategy. She is still a board member for Way of Nature NL.

Simoon studies and applies biomimicry, an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. Through a nature-based approach, she works independently with individuals, teams, communities, and organizations.

Simoon studied welfare policy and management and human resources development. Her work is guided by the question of how human potential unfolds in an organizational context and society and how she can contribute to that.

Simoon is married, lives with her three kids on a little farm in the south of the Netherlands, where she combines social farming with ‘real farming’, living her dream as a horse-breeder. Trained as equine-assisted coach she is developing her team for the future. She has published three books, the latest being Creativity for Government.