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Roeland Dikker Hupkes

Founder and Managing Partner of The Change Collective. Strategic thinker, system change expert, and transformation consultant. Challenging executive coach. Expert and speaker on organizational transformation.

Throughout his career, Roeland has directed his focus towards translating strategic challenges to culture transformation. Before co-founding The Change Collective, he refined his expertise in various management consultant positions designing and executing strategic organizational change projects for clients including international pharmaceuticals, financial institutions, offshore companies, and other multinationals. Clients have included Royal Dutch Shell, Enexis, Heerema, ING, ISS, Damen Shipyards and PwC.

In 2015, Roeland Dikker Hupkes and Jaap van den Hoek co-founded The Change Collective, a consulting firm with the mission to support companies transitioning towards a sustainable economy.  Every day they guide clients on topics such as self-management, servant leadership, and finding and staying true to company purpose embodying these ideas themselves within the practice of their own organization.

Roeland has a passionate focus on connecting the ‘hard’ stuff like strategy and business objectives with the ‘softer’ stuff like behavioral transformation, culture, and using intuition to guide important decisions.

Roeland is also a lead facilitator for trails at Trailblazers, the Founder of a Steiner School, Master teacher in the martial arts and Senior Advisor on C-level to leading companies including Roche, Tata Steel, Eneco Group, NN, Mileway, Allianz, Manpower Group and Aegon. He has Master’s degrees in both political sciences and organizational sciences and is trained in systemic work, coaching, and personal development. He is a father of two.