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Rodrigo Gallegos Touissant

Environmental economist, leader, and writer. 20 years’ experience crafting data-driven solutions to foster green growth and social commitment in 3 sectors: think tanks, government (Office of the President of Mexico), and private sector (Mexican Business Council).       

Rodrigo brings decades of strategic leadership experience across government, non-profits and the private sectors focusing on sustainable economic growth and social commitment. As the first Executive Director at Consejo Mexicano de Negocios (CMN), he was in charge of building the first long term strategy for Mexico’s most influential business organization (Mexico’s Fortune 60). Other achievements include creating, financing, and strengthening the first social inclusion initiative of the Council and building new strategic alliances with civil society, governments, and other business organizations across Mexico and the US.               

During his 11 years at the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, (IMCO), one of Mexico´s leading think tanks, Rodrigo designed Mexico’s Federal Government Climate Change Program and carried out the first independent evaluation of Mexico’s climate change strategy. He became the first associate of the organization by building a green growth practice where he designed policies for Mexico´s energy reform as the Clean Energy Certificates market, incentives for renewable energy investment and Mexico´s first analysis of cleantech entrepreneurship, among many others.

Between 2002-2004 Rodrigo designed a system of social indicators for Mexico’s President and collaborated in the creation of the first social cabinet budget which prioritized social policies among all Federal Government Ministries.   

Rodrigo wrote a monthly oped in one of Mexico’s top economic papers for over 8 years and is a regular guest writer in El Economista, Este Pais, and Expansion. He has over 50 articles in the national and international press regarding climate change and sustainable development in Mexico. Rodrigo is also a Keynote speaker and invited expert at international conferences. 

Rodrigo is a Board Member of the US Mexico Foundation, Sistema B (B-Lab),  Fundemex (a business initiative to foster growth in poor areas), and Causa Natura (an Environmental NGO). He has a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard University.