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Renske van Grinsven

Strategist, innovator, catalyst and creator of organizational change and transformative leadership development programs. Co-founder of the Future Centre, Studio BliQ. Founder of the Economic Development Program. 

Renske builds strong impact alliances across different continents, countries, sectors and fields of business. She empowers and inspires entrepreneurs for change and resolves complex social economic challenges via cross-sector collaboration. Her experience is in co-creating change movements and building eco-systems for positive impact in Europe, Africa, Brazil and Sri-Lanka and strengthening organizations with innovation, strategy, culture and leadership development. 

Co-founder of the Future Centre, Studio BliQ, Renske lead the Dutch city of Oss through creative organizational transformation to become one of the most innovative and effective local governments of the country. 

Renske founded the Economic Development Program uniting leaders from across sectors to develop their skills and impact strategies resolving complex regional economic challenges.

As Executive Director of Global Academy Foundation Renske is currently supporting big multinationals such as Philips and Natura in their impact and sustainability journey. Aiming to regenerate nature, empower their staff and direct distributors to live their purpose and grow their positive impact. Renske also leads the strategic partnerships with the African Minister’s Council On Water as well as with Ashoka Africa advancing their pan-Africa strategies and supporting leadership development.

Passionate about driving the B Economy forward by empowering inspired leaders and forging global impact alliances. She has been selected as one of the 2020 Responsible Leaders by BMW Foundation.

Renske has an MBA in Social Science and a BA in Health Care. She started her career as a managing nurse in psychiatric health care as well as in general hospitals. She focused on health care innovation and collaboration to improve the quality of care and reduce bureaucracy. She is an active Rotarian and a director of the supervisory board of the Rabobank in the South East of the Netherlands.