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Peter Coughlan, Ph.D.

Design, strategy and organizational change consultant with hundreds of clients from Silicon Valley startups to global consumer product companies. Decades of experience leading organizations to implement new structures and capabilities.

Using an adaptive, co-creative approach, Peter engages organizations to create cultures of design, innovation and customer-centeredness. Skilled in synthesis and facilitation, Peter leads and manages diverse teams to identify opportunities for breakthrough products, services, and systems, and designs the organizational structures needed to deliver them in a robust and sustainable way. Peter introduces a common language and process, so that client organizations can launch multiple simultaneous projects, ensuring rapid and lasting organizational change. 

At Nissan (1996), Peter introduced ethnographic methods into the automotive design process, leading to the successful Xterra. As founder of IDEO’s ‘transformation by design’ Practice (in 2002) Peter translated the design process in terms that could be understood, adopted, and scaled up by non-designers.  He designed and helped to launch the Foresight Training Program at the Institute for the Future. He has coached and mentored leaders from a broad of organizations) on the application of design, transformation, and regeneration principles inside their organizations.

Peter believes in creating the future through observation, prototyping and experimentation. He is focused on mobilizing organizations to address challenges brought on by climate change.

Peter’s Alma Maters include UCLA, Boston University and Trinity College, CT.