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Peter Bostelmann

Director of Mindfulness Programs at SAP, the world’s largest provider of business software. Founded the Mindfulness@SAP initiative to inspire cultural change in his organization. SIY executive coach and certified teacher. More than 20 years of international leadership experience.

Peter brings more than two decades of leadership experience in international business to his current efforts in bringing mindfulness programs to scale globally. He founded  SAP’s Global Mindfulness Practice to inspire a cultural change in his organization – one of the world’s leading technology companies. Under his leadership, mindfulness-based training and a support structure for lasting impact have been piloted, refined, and are gradually being rolled out to a passionate global community of SAP internal teachers, ambassadors, and local mindfulness groups. Peter’s creation of this international community has served as the foundation for the lasting success of the SAP initiative.

He is also an executive coach and teacher with the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Leadership Institute.

Peter is passionate about bringing mindfulness training and emotional intelligence to support innovation in the global tech industry and transform corporate culture.

Through his personal exploration and training and subsequent integration of that knowledge into the SAP initiative, Peter believes that mindfulness training brings huge and lasting positive benefits from increased health and social skills to heightened creativity and problem-solving.

Peter trained as an industrial engineer.