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Pedro Tarak

Senior Leader of Global Bridge Builders at Sistema B International. Co-founder of Sistema B and former President of Sistema B International. Impact entrepreneur, global change maker, strategist and innovator for regenerative and sustainable business. 

Pedro co-founded Sistema B in 2011 after decades of experience in cross-country dialogue and implementing solutions for social and environmental problems across Latin America and Europe. Sistema B is a global organization dedicated to new economies promoting the creation of B Corps and ecosystems. As Senior Leader of Global Bridge Builders at Sistema B International and Global Ambassador for the B Corp Movement since October 2014, Pedro is highly engaged in the movement’s globalization. 

With his background in environmental and international law, in 1984 Pedro co-founded FARN (Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales) or The Environment and Natural Resources Foundation. Here he fostered legal regimes, environmental institutions, and mechanisms of citizen participation in nine Latin American countries. He was a legal environmental adviser of the vice presidency of Argentina, in the country’s first democratic period. He was also Editor-in-chief of Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, the first Spanish environmental law magazine. 

Pedro has been a consultant to UNDP, OAS, and the World Bank. He was the first Representative of AVINA in Latin America and initiated the organization in five Latin American countries, building international bridges across the region and in Europe. He was also in charge of launching its first climate change strategy. 

In 2007, Pedro co-founded Emprendia, the first B Corp in Argentina, a strategy and communication consulting company whose purpose is to ensure that sustainability becomes an integral part of all business. He is an international adviser of Guayaki, a B Corp that produces organic yerba mate drinks and is dedicated to regenerating the ecosystem of the South Atlantic Forest and supporting the indigenous and other rural communities that depend on it. Pedro is a small investor in Quinto Impacto, a B Corp in Mendoza that uses technology for reaching large scale social solutions through social integration. Pedro is also a small investor in Mercado Pax, a company that sells products of triple impact business in Argentina and Uruguay. Pedro is also a Board Member of the Wellbeing Economy Foundation in the UK and a Member of the Advisory Council of the B Team.  

Pedro is passionate about the role of High Impact Business and B Corps in creating a global systemic reorganization. He visualizes a new era in which individuals and businesses work together to leave a collective legacy, one where purpose-driven markets can be another channel for large scale solutions. 

Pedro has a Law degree from the National University of Buenos Aires and an LL.M from Indiana University (specialized in comparative and international environmental law).