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Paolo Di Cesare

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Future-Fit Designer, 20 years expert experience in sustainable innovation and exponential technologies. Co-founder of NATIVA, the first company in Europe to be awarded B Corp certification. 2016 Most Valuable Player of the global B Corp movement. 

Paolo has over 20 years of experience applying sustainable innovation and exponential trends in consumer goods, fashion, and energy. Alongside his work as co-founder of NATIVA, Paolo is Vice President of The Natural Step Italia, co-founder of Croqqer BV,  nüborn, NextEP, Impact HUB Roma and Eurogroup Consulting and Improvance.

The Natural Step is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to sustainability-driven innovation.  Nativa is an innovation hub of The Natural Step and it runs its business advisory operations. It was the first company in Europe to be awarded B Corp Certification and to be incorporated as a Benefit Corporation. 

At Nativa, the purpose is to create a positive impact on people and the planet thus cultivating happiness. Nativa, on the one hand, helps companies incorporate sustainable innovation in their DNA, improve their business results and create authentic economic value; on the other, it develops new businesses that ‘by design’ regenerate humans and the biosphere.  

Paolo believes that business is the most pervasive and impactful technology that humans have invented, and that it is time to redesign this technology to solve huge challenges and create shared and durable prosperity. 

His work is dedicated to the creation of a new economic paradigm, in which people and the planet are placed at the center and business becomes a tool for regenerating nature and contributing to the common good. 

Paolo has a degree in Electronic Engineering and is an alumnus of Singularity University.