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Oscar David

Organizational psychologist, senior executive coach, boardroom consultant and speaker in the field of leadership and change. Adjunct Professor at TIAS School for Business and Society.  Author of ‘The Enneagram in Organizations’ and ‘The Integrity of Power.’ 

Oscar is known for introducing cutting edge methods on leadership and personal development at top management level, including the Enneagram, Organizational Constellations and Open Space Technology. 

After graduating in Organizational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and following his trainee period at Shell, he founded Oscar David Consultancy in 1989. Working as an international consultant on board level, he serves senior executives as well as top civil servants and medical doctors and their boards. 

Working with experienced colleagues, Oscar David’s independent practice has acquired a number of clients in different sectors including many internationally-operating companies such as Shell, Philips, Ahold, ING, Rabobank, ABN AMRO. He has provided services for partners and professionals in major business service providers such as KPMG and PWC. 

Since 1996 he has increasingly worked with leading officials within the Dutch government like the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Finances, Defense, Agriculture, Leisure & Environment, Health, and Education, the Tax Authorities and the Police. In the health sector he has consulted with top management and boards in academic medical centers like VUmc, AMC and RadboudMC. As Adjunct Professor at TIAS School for Business and Society he teaches various senior executive programs on leadership, governance and sustainability. 

Oscar is dedicated to helping leaders integrate harmony, consciousness and understanding into their organizations. He advocates self-reflection, raising consciousness and a connection to heart and mind in order to create change.