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Moniek Tersmette

Thought-leading psychologist, changemaker, progressive caregiver and coach. Senior adviser to leading companies including Danone, JNJ, L’Oréal, ELC, and Bayer. Expertise in deep human understanding and the development of brand and business strategies for meaningful growth. Business developer and COO at Innate Motion. 

Moniek is a leading psychologist specializing in organizational and cultural psychology. Since 1989 she has worked in different research environments understanding consumer behavior, starting at Milward Brown and later moving to Censydiam. 

Her profound ability to intuit and create an actionable analysis of people’s lives, needs and behaviors was soon recognized as outstanding. At the age of 32, Moniek was running the size-able Dutch operation of Censydiam, leading and inspiring a team of 40. This is where her skill in people management surfaced. Moniek has an exceptional eye for spotting talent and growing them into leaders with empathy.

After 15 years of being in direct contact with consumers, she decided to broaden her experience in the creative industry, first as a strategy director in pack design at DJPA and later on, in advertising at TBWA\.

Moniek co-founded Innate Motion in 2007 where she further finessed her skills in empathy fitness and people engagement. She is a huge advocate of driving change through everyday behavior. The unique organizational profile of the company, with its officeless structure, diverse team, bottom-up accountability and borderless care would not be possible without the relentless passion and stubborn optimism she puts into her role as COO.  

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Moniek and her husband live in Utrecht. Their twin daughters live in Wageningen, where they are studying two Master programs: Food technology & Health and Nutrition and BioTechnology & Molecular Life Science. Moniek is a fearless cold-water swimmer.