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Matt Westendorf

Experienced Chief Operating Officer. Certified executive coach. Nonprofit leader, organizational strategist. Expertise in board governance, human resources, finance, organizational development, conflict resolution, diversity, equity and inclusion, meditation and mindfulness and fundraising. 

Matt is an accomplished nonprofit leader, organizational strategist, and certified executive coach with more than 25 years of experience in the field. He brings a deep understanding of what is most challenging for today’s leaders and how these challenges can become passages to transformation and growth.

As a senior executive for international arts and environmental organizations, Matt has held roles including Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director, and Development Director. He has extensive hands-on and supervisory experience in nearly all aspects of organizational life including – board development, finance, business development, fundraising, human resources, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), meditation and mindfulness, conflict resolution, change management, culture cultivation, and organizational development.

As Chief Operating Officer at Stand.earth, Matt oversees the company’s Development, Finance, and Operations/Human Resources departments. A nonprofit environmental organization, Stand.earth catalyzes environmental leadership among industry, governments, and communities by running hard-hitting and effective campaigns. 

Matt’s passion is working with clients to achieve transformative outcomes through heart-centered action, grounded in contemplative practice and self-awareness. He thrives on helping leaders connect to and align with their core purpose and principles. His forte is collaborating with teams to explore and solve complex challenges that demand intellectual and emotional acuity.

Matt strongly believes that the commitment to, and cultivation of, dynamic self-awareness is the cornerstone of powerful and effective leadership. Meditation is an invaluable tool that supports and enables this skill set. With a decade-long meditation practice informed by training and instruction in a variety of disciplines, Matt utilizes several modalities in his practice including Vipassana and the Diamond Heart Approach. Matt’s coaching and advising techniques have strong links to meditation and mindfulness. He supports his clients to develop a personal practice that works well for them.

Beyond his personal practice, Matt was instrumental in designing and developing an organization-wide “mindful leadership” program at Stand.earth. Launched in 2010, this initiative has successfully integrated meditation practices and authentic feedback and inquiry techniques into the culture and “DNA” of the organization.

In 2017, Matt enhanced his senior leadership profile, adding an executive coaching practice serving clients in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Matt received his certification from the UC Berkeley Executive Education Executive Coaching program.