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Mark Buckley

Founder of One Boat Collaborative. Systems thinker and innovative sustainability professional bringing diverse groups of stakeholders to the table. 28-years at Staples directing global environmental commitment and sustainable business practices. 

Mark is a seasoned systems thinker bringing diverse groups of stakeholders to the table in uncommon collaboration to co-create and address some of the most pressing sustainability challenges in business and the planet. He helps a wide range of clients from startups to long-established organizations unlock and maximize economic, social, and environmental potential value by identifying and co-creating innovative yet practical, pragmatic, and scalable solutions in support of a more circular, regenerative “ecosystem”. 

Mark has 28 years of experience at Staples in various roles focused on sustainable business practices. As VP Sustainability, he was responsible for driving the company’s sustainability efforts including but not limited to the development of more sustainable products, packaging, and services; customer recycling solutions; internal waste reduction; the development of global carbon mitigation and renewable energy strategies; sustainable supply chain and transportation as well as environmental education for customers and associates focused on sustainable and regenerative business solutions. 

Mark’s expertise informs his dedication to helping organizations build sustainability and circularity into their core culture. He is highly skilled at addressing cross-sectoral problems and discovering practical solutions that actually deliver business and organizational benefits with a positive social and environmental impact. 

Mark is and has been an active member of several environmental and non-profit organizations, including the Advisory Council for the Product Stewardship Institute, former board member of Earth Force a national environmental education organization, and the John Andrew Mazie Foundation, a youth mentoring organization.  

He is a current Advisory Board member of the Belantara Foundation and current Board member of The Green Electronics Council and the REMADE Institute.