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Marcos Negrão

Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter. Founder of Enigma Filmes. Advocate for social change through cinematic language. 

Marcos is a Brazilian Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter with a focus on global projects with international appeal, social impact, and the potential to promote change.

Through this approach, Marcos has already earned recognition with over 30 international awards and has established collaborations with esteemed partners such as Discovery Channel, ARTE, RAI, RTP, BBC, among others.

In 2003, Marcos founded Enigma Filmes, an independent documentary film company based in San Diego, with offices in Vancouver and Rio de Janeiro.

Working as a director, producer, and cinematographer, Marcos has developed film projects in more than 15 countries, ranging from the urban slums of Brazil, India, Kenya, and the Philippines to the refugee camps in the Middle East and the indigenous tribes in the Himalayas, Myanmar, and the Amazon.

His recent cinematic works encompass “Child of Nature,” a collaborative Canadian-Brazilian production acclaimed with 4 international awards, the feature-length documentary “The Broken Moon,” acclaimed with 25 awards, and “Vultures Have Wings,” which has clinched 5 awards, including recognition at the Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood.