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James Vaccaro

Thought leader in sustainability and impact finance for over two decades. Strategist and systems thinker across positive impact sectors. Influential and dynamic speaker. Executive Director at RePattern. Special Advisor to Triodos Bank. 

James is a thought leader, strategist and systems thinker with a background of over twenty years of senior management experience in sustainable banking and investment. As a strategist, he has designed and facilitated learning, development, strategy and innovation programs to accelerate progress in sustainability sectors across Europe. 

He advised on share offers and bond issues for leading charities and businesses, managed equity investments, and has been a non-executive director for a broad range of environmental and social businesses. James led many new initiatives and business ventures including setting up Triodos Bank’s UK investment business comprising corporate finance and crowdfunding services, venture capital fund management and fund distribution. 

James is Executive Director at RePattern, supporting businesses and their stakeholders in effective ecosystem innovation. He also acts as a Special Advisor to Triodos Bank (having previously been Group Director of Strategy overseeing strategy development for the Triodos Group – Europe’s leading international sustainable banking and investment institution). 

James is committed to creating meaningful system change using his strategic vision to identify the implications of big environmental shifts and connect those to policy initiatives across diverse networks. He is passionately engaged with the development of globally sustainable business and enterprise on all levels, from small charities to multinational organizations.   

James has served as a member of boards and advisory groups at an international level and is author of several reports and papers on sustainable finance and impact investing. He is a regular speaker at events and conferences on sustainable business and positive impact finance. 

James served on the Global Steering Committee for the UNEP Finance Initiative and was one of the founding developers of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking launched in 2019. James is a Senior Associate of the Cambridge Institute and senior fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab having previously served as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. James is a director of Regen and an advisor for a small number of NGOs in Europe including the Club of Rome.