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Isabelle Grosmaitre

Founder and CEO of Goodness & Co, a new kind of change management consultancy. Former Catalyst at Danone. Vice President of International Women Forum. Co-founder of Generation Glasgow.

An enthusiastic leader, Isabelle founded Goodness & Co, a new kind of management consultancy platform to make goodness in business happen. She serves organizations on a mission, reinventing their model for better futures. She helps CEOs and leaders in their vision, actions and governance to create value and impact at scale. Embracing sustainability as an engine of competitiveness. More than ever, companies will need to demonstrate their contribution to society. Companies with a positive impact in society will thrive, chosen by employees, consumers and investors. The time is now for business to be purposeful.

Isabelle serves organizations in their transformation for positive impact, from purpose to practice: defining a purpose, ESG from strategy to implementation, becoming a B Corp or a Purpose-led Company. In everything she does, she empowers leadership teams and engage all stakeholders with heads and hearts

Isabelle dedicated her career in transforming business as a force for good – in pharma, health insurance and food industries, with P&L operational responsibilities and CEOs’ strategic support for better futures. As a former Catalyst at Danone, Isabelle served the strategic transformation of the company, built the new Danone Strategy One Planet One Health and led the Growth Acceleration Platform with employees and partners. Former Co-Chair at the Consumer Goods Forum, Isabelle was instrumental in setting an industry-wide movement for healthier lives and shifting the model through coalitions of action in sustainability. Her journey started in family-owned businesses and in Investment funds.

Advocate of the B Corp movement, active leader in the Purpose-led companies Community, Isabelle is able to bring head and heart to build the path forward. She was nominated in 2019 to be one of the Top 25 DOers & Shakers Purposeful Retail in demonstrating how the industry can become a purpose driven actor.

Isabelle co-founded Generation Glasgow, a collective of courageous leaders who are bravely answering the urgent call to unlock the barriers for transformation, eager to shift from purpose to practice. Engaged in promoting women in leadership, Isabelle is part of the first tribe of Future Women X from B Corp and Vice President of International Women Forum (IWF AURA) to promote women in governance decision bodies.