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Giulia Detomati

Social Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of InVento Innovation Lab. Founder and CEO of Venti Sostenibili. Focus on environmental and social innovation and empowering young people with the tools for change through sustainability education. 

Giulia brings over a decade of experience in the development, management, and implementation of projects with an environmental and social impact, coordinating cross-functional teams. 

In 2014 she founded the first B Corp in Italy, InVento Innovation Lab, an organization that empowers young people, companies, and institutions to become future green leaders through social innovation, educational projects, and sustainable entrepreneurship training schemes. 

In 2011 Giulia founded Venti Sostenibli, whose mission is to find viable and practical solutions to environmental and social problems. The association has developed dozens of multi-stakeholder projects focusing on the circular economy, sustainable mobility, and territorial planning. Giulia is responsible for team and partner coordination to implement environmental projects in different sectors, from waste to sustainable-electric mobility and feasibility studies for redevelopment and reuse of municipal areas to environmental education. 

Giulia was a mentor of Bocconi University’s “The Start Up School” program and also of MIT’s LAUNCH program in Boston. 

Fiercely passionate about protecting the natural world and dedicated to innovation, Giulia believes individuals can implement far-reaching change for the collective, with no act too small or insignificant. 

She furthered her education in the USA thanks to the “Mind the Bridge” program in San Francisco and “Social Entrepreneurship” of Stanford University. She spent time engaged in environmental education activities abroad for the US Government’s National Park Service at Acadia National Park (Maine). 

Giulia has a degree in Environmental and Land Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.