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Femke van Loon

Activist, freedom fighter, changemaker, and author. Senior adviser to leading companies including Unilever, Barilla, Campari, and KIND. Expertise in the development of activist brands and purpose positioning. Driver of B Corp within Innate Motion and Italy.

Femke is a high energy professional, always looking for new opportunities. She has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in society, from both a business and a human perspective and understands and values the importance of family bonds and friends.

Born in the Netherlands, she moved to Italy for her academic education in the days before the internet, when calling abroad was expensive. As a result, she began to treasure the art of writing letters, appreciating how special it is to capture thoughts and exchange emotions in writing. She is talented in storytelling, both verbally and written.

For eight years, Femke ran the Italian business for Censydiam, before co-founding Innate Motion in 2007. The company helps leaders to grow their businesses, making them a force for progress by integrating sustainability and strategic branding. 

Femke has loved to speak her mind since she was a child, challenging authority and the status quo, and often dreamed of changing the world. Today, she uses these qualities to contribute to cultural branding and humanizing business. She enjoys voicing her intuition, helping teams co-create, get inspired, and find a shared purposeful direction forward.  

Femke’s clients appreciate how she always strives for excellence, her focus on results that drive business and her relatability. She has always been fascinated with different cultures, as well as different value systems and the behavioral codes that accompany them and getting to know these has given her a way of empathizing with people from all walks of life. 

Femke fought from day one to guarantee gender equality inside Innate Motion. Her fight against injustice and inequality is also apparent in the work she has carried out for brands like Magnum and Barilla, to drive change in society. Femke is fiercely passionate about going beyond opinions and merely sharing a point of view, she wants to be a real changemaker in society. 

Alongside a busy professional and personal life, Femke has found the energy and dedication to co-author the following books: “Activists Dare to Care”, and “Beyond the Powergirl”. She has two daughters and lives in Rome.