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David Hodgson

Network strategist, hyper-connector, visionary and social entrepreneur. Founder of the Global Regeneration CoLab, enabling collaboration to accelerate large-scale ecological regeneration. 

David has spent the last decade working to fast-track the world-changing initiatives necessary to address the profound challenges of our time. As Founder of the Global Regeneration CoLab, he is weaving together a purposeful innovation network focused on hyper-enabling ecological regeneration across bioregions globally.

David is exceptionally skilled at seeing connections and patterns between people, ideas and projects, allowing for transformative co-creation and collaboration within the innovative community he is creating. 

David was previously a software architect working primarily for technology startups, one of which was acquired by Microsoft, and another by Sony. He holds several patents related to social media. He made the decision to shift his focus and pursue a career in a field where he could make a greater impact. 

He first launched the Global Regeneration CoLab as the Regenerative Economy, an online community of ~1500 thought leaders around four years ago, and has hosted numerous convenings, both virtual and physical to catalyze the collaboration, leadership, and innovation necessary to address these issues. David also currently serves as the CEO of Hummingbird Labs, a venture dedicated to supporting systems focused on regenerating nature.

David is passionate about accelerating the flow of capital to planetary regeneration in order to reverse climate change. 

He is a fellow of the International Futures Forum, a global network of futurists working on systems transformation.

David has an MBA in Sustainable Business from the Dominican University of California.