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Cristina d’Arce

Strategic and Organizational Consultant. Director of Quartet Labe Consultoria. Founder of the Society for Organizational Learning in Brazil. Over three decades as a Senior Consultant with clients including Petrobras, Natura, Banco Santander, and Exxon. 

Cristina brings over three decades of expertise consulting for major international and national corporations with clients that include Petrobras, Natura, Banco Santander, Atlas Schindler, Banco Safra, Banco Itaú, Bosch, BoschRexRoth, Unibanco, Bank Boston, Carrefour, STJ, Exxon, Syngenta, Johnson and Johnson, SENAC and many others. She has expertise in the development of new leadership models, Theory U and sustainability, personal mastery, mental models and strategic thinking. 

To date, she has been responsible for the development of over 4,500 leaders from middle and top management in a diversified range of competencies, all related to Business as an Agent of World Benefit.

As Director of the organizational consulting company, Quartet Labe Consultoria, Cristina is responsible for scenario planning, organizational learning, corporate education, knowledge management, coaching, and dialogue.

Cristina was the Senior Consultant responsible for the planning and implementation of Corporate Universities at Natura, Bank Boston, Carrefour, Bosch, Superior Court of Justice, SENAC and others. She has worked abroad as a Consultant in several organizational learning projects in Spain, Portugal, Mozambique, Peru, the United States, and other countries. 

She is a member of the Peace Global Net Council and the WECON Council and a member of the administrative board of Hospital Anchieta in Taguatinga, Brazil. 

Cristina was responsible for the translation, introduction, and publication of several books: “Presence,” co-authored by Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer and others 2007, “Solving Tough Problems” by Adam Kahane in 2008 and Synchronicity: The inner path of leadership”, by Joseph Jaworski, 2014. 

She has published several articles in Brazil and abroad. Cristina has a Ph.D. and Master’s Degree in Measurement, Evaluation and Computer Applications – University of Toronto, Canada, 1977- 1983.