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Christophe Fauconnier

Activist, leader, author, impact investor. Senior advisor to leading companies including Unilever, The Coca Cola Company, Samsung, Materialise and the Darden Group. Expertise in the development of growth strategies, purpose brands and organization engagement.

A natural convention buster, Christophe is always challenging narrow-mindedness and is an active promoter of abundance thinking when all around him default to a scarcity mindset. He can shift silos, provide fresh approaches to complex problems and connect the dots in ways that very few business leaders can. He is a psychologist with a drive for impact. He uses business as a tool for creativity and community building.
Bringing human sense to business in a world that applies too much business sense to humans is what he does best, and he does so with people who lead some of the best organizations and brands in the world.

Although born in Belgium, Christophe grew up in South Africa which prompted his early challenging of de-humanizing systems like Apartheid. At the age of 18, he co-founded the first multiracial student body between Afrikaans and Black universities, at a time when this was considered illegal. After a state of emergency was called out by the government, Christophe was encouraged to leave the country. This early experience in South Africa has fueled his lifelong purpose to open minds and bring down barriers that keep people from creating value together.

As a leader, Christophe has co-founded and run several purpose-driven businesses. The first is Innate Motion, where he serves as the CEO and chairman. Innate motion is a global consultancy group bringing human purpose to business to unlock more meaningful growth.

Christophe also co-founded the African Drive and Baobab Express, where he serves as an executive board member. African Drive is focused on improving the ecosystem of mobility in Western African with sustainable business models. Both of these companies are B-certified.

The third business he co-founded is The Beauty Revolution. This is an events business focused on making the beauty industry more inclusive and more sustainable in South Africa.

Core to his leadership across all these businesses is the belief that business becomes infinitely more valuable and meaningful for everyone when it is humanized. Christophe serves as senior adviser to leading companies across the globe such as Unilever, The Coca Cola Company, Samsung, Materialise and The Darden Group. His area of expertise is developing growth strategies, crafting purpose brands and enabling organization engagement with empathy fitness and narrative tools.

To further share his passion and expertise Christophe has co-authored several books like “Creating value people to people”, “Activists Dare to Care”, and “Beyond the power girl”. He has served as a keynote speaker at Sustainability Brands, TedX, Crowd Sourcing week, and BAM.