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Christian von Reventlow

Global Tech Executive driving the planetary imperative to transform the global economy. Thought leader in Web 3.0, Digitization. Author of “The Digital Shift.” Deutsche Telecom’s Former Chief Product & Innovation Officer.

Christian has built his career based on leveraging customer intimacy, technology vision, and implementation, plus workforce engagement to accelerate value creation. A true global tech executive, Christian drives the planetary imperative to transform the global economy from unsustainably extractive to profitably regenerative with a technology lens.

He led the development of digital technologies (such as in AI, AR, IoT, digital twins, and edge computing). He is recognized as a thought leader in Web 3.0, digitization, and next-generation computing. As one of the fathers of the cloud, he launched one of the first-ever cloud services in Europe.

He has served in senior executive and officer positions at global technology companies including Deutsche Telekom, Intel, and HERE (Nokia/Microsoft). Christian is currently serving as IT executive board member at Fonds Finanz, a German Fintech, CTO of a stealth AI POP Startup, and consulting for top consulting companies. He leads the CTO chapter of the Future Economic Forum.

Previously, operating as a Chief Product Officer, he focused on next-generation CRM systems (MyRepublic, Singapore), optimizing the value chain in B2B and competing on value in B2C, driving immediate improvement in financial performance. He built an AI based IoT platform with Microsoft.

As Chief Technology Officer, he built the core platform of a financial services marketplace for eppf.eu (Luxembourg). He co-founded the edge computing startupMobiledgeX (successfully exited to Google in 2022), Tooth (AR technologies with Zeiss), Boggl Inc, and a stealth robotics startup. He introduced agile SW dev at Intel.

Christian believes that creating value through innovation must begin with humans and the planet in mind. 

He has a Doctor of Electrical Engineering degree from the Technical University Berlin, and a Master of Physics degree from Ruhruniversitaet Bochu.