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Bob Beth

Integrative Visionary. Change Maker. Special Advisor, World Business Academy. Member of the Board of Advisors, Nori. Four-decade career starting ventures that utilize advanced technologies and innovations in business models. 

Bob brings his perspective and experience from a four-decade involvement in advanced computer technology. He thrives at the leading edge of innovative disruptions, having spent his career starting ventures that utilize advanced technologies and innovations in business models and human potential understandings to help new or existing companies leap well ahead of the competition often into uncharted new opportunities. 

Bob has vast experience at the conception stage of startups or new services with expertise in mentoring entrepreneurs and inspiring personal mastery through the design of exhilarating workplace cultures. He specializes in platform level thinking and disruptive simplifications, finding inflection points where business model and financing innovations can unlock and accelerate the adoption of transformative solutions for a reduced carbon footprint.

As a life-long tech startup entrepreneur based principally in San Francisco for many years, Bob has been a close colleague or friend with several of the legends of Silicon Valley, garnering great insights from these change-makers. From his years in software technology, he brings experience in big picture issues relating to cybersecurity, big data, and app development. 

Since 2014, Bob has acted as a Special Advisor to the World Business Academy’s Clean Energy Moonshot. He collaborates globally to share and scale the Academy’s thought leadership and relationships in accelerating the adoption of a Zero Carbon Economy. Bob opened a chapter of the Academy in New Zealand to serve as a base to accelerate New Zealand’s leadership as a supplier of renewable energy for export to Asia and Oceania. 

His mission is to urgently accelerate the leap to the Zero Carbon Economy to minimize the pollution/carbon footprint from transportation and to create more affordable energy in support of economic equality.

Bob is also an adventurer, nature lover and lifelong sailor. For over a decade, he has spent full seasons each year, effectively living off the grid, cruising his sailboat throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific.