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Benoit Greindl

B Entrepreneur. Strategic Advisor. Co-founder and CEO of Montagne Alternative. Co-founder of The Resilience Institute Europe. Former president of the Board of B Corp Switzerland. 25 years experience in commercial real estate and real estate sectors. 

Benoit brings 25 years of experience developing commercial real estate services companies in Europe, America, and Asia. Those years taught him that business is a wonderful way to discover people, other cultures and the world. Benoit believes that while profit is necessary, it should only be the consequence of real value creation for society.

The risks he took developing companies in different territories with contrasting cultural backgrounds, driving teams of engineers, architects and other experts and serving small, local and large global organizations showed him that behind the differences, humans are all driven by the same ideal. Through failures and successes, he learned that well-aligned teams can achieve outstanding performance. 

As an entrepreneur, he enjoys the development phase of new concepts and markets along with marketing and sales processes. Benoit is highly skilled at inspiring and building long term relationships with his colleagues and team members. His work as a strategic advisor allows him to accompany different leaders and organizations to progress towards achieving a compelling vision and impact. 

During his 14 years as CEO and founder of DB Associates, the company grew up to 350 people operating in eight countries in 15 years before being sold and finally being integrated to Colliers International. In 2005 Benoit founded Realys Group in Shanghai, a global design-led consultancy firm with offices today in 28 countries offering boutique design, portfolio and project solutions. In 2011 ISG Plc bought 85% of Realys Group. 

Convinced that entrepreneurship is a core source of innovation and societal wealth creation, Benoit today is involved in meaningful and socially responsible projects. Five years living in Shanghai taught him that aligning body, mind, and spirit in a positive way to elevate both human and corporate performance. 

Benoit is the co-founder and CEO of Montagne Alternative, an inspiring seminar center in the Swiss Alps that became the first B Corp in Switzerland in 2014. He is co-founder of The Resilience Institute Europe and was also president of the Board of B Corp Switzerland. 

He values human capital as the key asset of a company and believes that knowing yourself is the starting point of leadership. He focuses his time and investments only in companies that align with specific values operating at the crossroad of his skills, passions, and experience. 

Benoit is originally from Belgium and is now based in Switzerland.