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Andreas Sommer

Seasoned executive leader of purpose-driven consumer goods companies. Expert in marketing and growth strategies. Former CO-CEO of Weleda. Passion for creating value by integrating SDG commitments into business models and brand positioning.

Andreas is an expert in developing growth strategies rooted in sustainability and company purpose. He advises and supports FMCG and OTC companies through projects and Board roles. During the last decade, he was the driving force of Weleda’s sustainable and profitable growth as former CO-CEO and Chief Commercial Officer. 

Numerous years of experience in the natural space (personal care and organic movement),  have given Andreas insider presence and expertise in these markets as well as detailed knowledge of the dynamics.  In addition to Europe, where he has particular insight, he has established businesses in key Asian countries, the USA and Brazil.

Through his extensive experience at Weleda, Andreas has mastered the art of balancing an inspiring vision with the entrepreneurial challenges of everyday life as well as crisis and turnaround situations. He combines a strong purpose, value, and performance focus to generate profitable growth. 

He is passionately committed to sustainability, ethical business and taking a holistic approach to development strategies. In his own life, Andreas values mindful awareness practices and the importance of living in alignment with his vision of a healthy and beautiful life.