Services for Systems

We need to collaborate towards fundamental system evolution to make regenerative business the new normal. This is why, decades ago, many NOW partners co-founded the first sustainable business networks to demonstrate that another economy - that benefits all stakeholders, including investors and Nature - is possible.

We continue to grow action alliances and help pace-setting companies to become even better models and actively engage in system transformation. We collaborate with governments and multilateral institutions, social entrepreneurs, activists, academia, religious and media institutions to co-create new visions and realities. We can only succeed together!

  • Sustainable Business Alliances

    As owners and leaders of large corporations, innovative start-ups, social enterprises and international institutions, NOW’s founders and partners co-created and led the first sustainable business and investor alliances across Europe and The Americas, including the Social Venture Network and Empresa in the 1990’s and later the B Corp movement that they continue to co-lead.

    B Corp Movement

    The global B Corp movement that NOW’s partners help to develop around the world certified almost 4,000 B Corps and inspired the international Benefit Corporation legislation that includes 10,000 companies. B Corp tools are used by many more businesses. Many NOW partners own B Corps and NOW supports multinationals to develop their full B Corp business potential.

  • Regenerative Business Approaches

    NOW’s founders and partners helped to develop and implement many innovation approaches in business and economics, including Sustainable Business, Natural Capitalism, Corporate Social Responsibility, SRI and Impact Investing, Micro Finance, Clean Tech, Fair Trade, Circularity, ESG accounting, the Integrated Bottomline, Social Entrepreneurship and regenerative leadership models - which NOW integrates into Regenerative Value Creation.

    Consortium on Regenerative Value Creation

    Integrating three decades of experience with these mutually enhancing economic approaches, NOW is founding an innovation and action-oriented consortium of cutting-edge corporate leaders, academic researchers, measurement and regeneration experts to co-create new approaches to innovate, implement and measure Regenerative Value Creation’s mutually enhancing impact on all aspects of business performance and the regeneration of people, societies and ecosystems.

  • Thought Leadership

    Our partners have authored some of the most innovative approaches to business and economy, leadership and innovation, diversity and inclusion. Now we combine their insight, experience and vast networks to co-create media products, teach and research academically and serve clients in business, government and civil society who really want to evolve.

    Natural Capitalism and Megatrends

    Our partners developed a ground-breaking trend methodology, coined the term Megatrends and authored 12 books that accurately predicted key developments in business and society. Another partner co-authored Natural Capitalism, that became an inspiring and yet highly pragmatic ‘bible’ for many of today’s most sustainable businesses and public sector institutions.

“I have grandchildren. I just don’t want to face those beautiful eyes, asking me: what have you done?”

Christine Lagarde

Head European Central Bank, Ex-head IMF

  • Innovation in Business Education

    To remedy traditional business education’s deficit in integrating business success with human, social and environmental regeneration, NOW partners created and teach in sustainable MBA programs, create innovation alliances with top universities and co-found networks like B Academics that includes over a thousand B Corp faculty and Net Impact that has 350 students & alumni chapters worldwide.

    First Sustainable MBA

    Already 15 years ago, our partners created and taught the USA’s first fully accredited MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio in San Francisco. Integrated sustainability and transformative leadership development into every course. Advised governments around the world on business education reform. Inspired major US and international universities to move towards regenerative, inclusive, all stakeholder orientation in their curricula.

  • Innovating Leadership Approaches

    NOW partners helped to author and refine cutting edge leadership, strategy and innovation approaches - unifying personal, interpersonal and organizational development with business success and regenerating human- and ecosystems. They integrate knowledge and praxis from neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness and wisdom traditions for successful action in diverse corporate and socio-economic contexts.

    Design Thinking & U Process

    Our partners helped to enhance these and other methods’ impact by integrating hands-on business experience with personal development approaches to deepen listening and insight generation, connect with inspiration in nature and diverse communities, disempower resistance to change and speed up application in rapid prototyping to generate meaningful innovation and transformation.

  • Events that make a difference

    NOW creates lively and action-oriented events that foster reflection and insight, passion and co-creativity. We convene action and thought leaders in inspiring settings that include nature and art, diverse cultures and engaging leadership practices that invite experiential contact with personal and shared purpose and vision, fueling long-term relationships and sustained collaboration.

    Economic Spring in Prague

    When the EU’s ex-communist member states struggled to develop democracies and new economic approaches, a NOW partner co-hosted with President Vaclav Havel a conference that integrated market entrepreneurship with social and environmental responsibility. Many of the world’s sustainable business and political leaders were inspired by the historic poignancy and deep immersion in nature, art, music and lived humanity.

“The universal patterns and principles the cosmos uses to build stable, healthy, and sustainable systems can and must be used as a model for economic-system design.”

John Fullerton

Founder, Capital Institute