Services for Leaders

We support leaders and their teams with adaptive, experience- and evidence-based leadership approaches that integrate their full human potential with innovation and business success. We integrate personal and interpersonal development with transitioning organizations and larger systems to generate value for all stakeholders, including investors and Nature.

NOW’s signature methodology is born out of our hands-on experience with owning and leading large corporations and innovative start-ups, international institutions and global business alliances. We listen deeply to co-discover what really works for you. Then we integrate your context and our praxis-based experience with cutting edge leadership models, science and wisdom traditions, the diversity of culture and the inspiration of nature to support your unique leadership journey.

  • Owners, C-Suite, Boards

    In the midst of increasing complexity and speed, we advise and coach leaders to lead successfully, develop themselves and empower their teams. NOW’s signature leadership approach helps you to discover and implement opportunities for regenerative and sustained value creation in your business while fulfilling your commitments to wider system regeneration and stakeholder collaboration.

    Empowering Sustainable Success

    A NOW partner had nine-year assignment leading Executive Board and Governing Board Retreats for Compass Group, the world’s largest foodservice company employing 600,000 in 45 countries. Translated core strategy into yearly executive development program for top 400 leaders. Built the architecture to develop shared culture and competence to drive front-line service in existing and nearly 300 acquired companies worldwide.

  • Integrated Leadership Architecture

    We develop overarching learning architectures for companies to integrate diverse leadership programs and related activities into coherent change initiatives. This creates synergies, accelerates outcomes and avoids misalignment in content, process and language. NOW's integral approach aligns personal, interpersonal and organizational development, to facilitate mutually enhancing interactions between purpose, innovation, strategy and culture to create concrete business and ecosystem outcomes.

    Integral Leadership Architecture

    As Unilever’s Global Head of Leadership and Learning, a NOW partner led integral leadership and organizational transformation architecture for “Path to Growth”, Vitality brand renewal, Growth Journeys, Diversity & Inclusion, Bottom of Pyramid and Leadership Centre Renewal to help position Unilever as a globally acclaimed sustainability leader attracting now 2 million job applications annually.

  • Leadership Development Programs

    We offer tailor-made, evidence and experience-based programs that go beyond conceptual frameworks to invite passionate entrepreneurship, immersion in diverse contexts and our deeper humanity. Personal, interpersonal and professional development is translated into concrete, must-have application work that reinvents core business functions to create mutually enhancing value for all stakeholders, including investors and Nature.

    Reinventing Banking

    Our partners co-created with CEO & board a 2-year program for top leaders of Triodos, a B Corp and Europe’s top sustainability bank and investment fund group. To refine leaders’ and bank’s purpose, re-envision strategy, business models, culture and global financial system integrated deep nature and diverse communities immersion, coaching, top expert engagement with hands-on work initiatives.

“Take risks, have courage, and let’s make a better world together.”

Rose Marcario

Former CEO, Patagonia

  • Innovation in Business Education

    To remedy business education’s deficit to integrate business success with human, social and environmental regeneration, we create and teach in innovative MBA programs. We co-create alliances with businesses and top universities. We co-found networks like B Academics, with over one thousand B Corp faculty and Net Impact, with 350 students & alumni chapters worldwide.

    First Sustainable MBA

    Our partners created, led and taught the USA’s first fully accredited MBA in Sustainable Management at Presidio in San Francisco. Integrating sustainability and transformative leadership development into every course. Inspired major US and international universities to move towards regenerative and all stakeholder orientation in their curricula.

  • Diversity & Innovation

    Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) are not only central to regenerating organizations and societies. Global research shows that inclusive companies are more innovative and successful. We help you to assess your specific situation and develop strategic opportunities for inclusion and unlock the inherent richness of your teams’ diversity.

    DEI & Innovation

    For German Marshall Fund, a NOW partner co-designed and delivered several multi-year diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs for transatlantic cooperation and local innovation. For regional bank, assessed and developed organization-wide DEI strategy, integrated diversity-inspired innovation drive and client engagement.

  • Coaching leaders & their teams

    Top athletes know that holistic coaching is key to their success. Corporate leaders still discover the increase in creativity, passion, resilience and performance that NOW’s integral coaching approach offers. We integrate our own leadership experience with developmental science and wisdom traditions to co-create tailored approaches and practices adapted to your individual and team potential.

    Follow the passion

    A NOW partner co-created with CEO of top global tech conglomerate multi-year, personalized coaching approach. Translated personal passion for high performance sport and mindfulness into personal practices that strengthened business and sports success, opened door to happy marriage. Coached his conflict-ridden global team to discover and apply richness of their diversity and collaboration.

“The world is changing enormously. You need to learn new skills every day, but you also need to unlearn some of the old skills from the past.”

Paul Polman

Co-founder, Imagine