Services for Companies

To become future fit and attract the best talent, customers and investors, companies must develop the capacity to serve all stakeholders, including shareholders and Nature. We support you to discover and implement solutions that optimize your integration of economic success with positive impact for people and planet.

While your transition may begin with certain aspects, eventually all of your company’s activities will need to transform in a coordinated manner to release their full synergetic potential. We offer a wide range of services that become mutually reinforcing when integrated into an overarching architecture of change.

  • Company & System Transformation

    It is no longer enough to run your company well. By also contributing to systemic regeneration of people and planet you generate sustainable growth & competitive advantage, attract best talent & investors, and retain your license to operate. We help you to integrate your corporate and system transformation activities while maintaining financial resilience.

    Synergetic Integration

    Our partners supported Natura & Co, one of the most regeneration-oriented multinationals to develop its 2030 Vision. It integrates resilient economic success with positive impact on its people, social and ecosystems. This unifying vision is foundational for the group’s core strategy, culture transformation, innovation, value chain, brand, marketing, finance and wider system engagement.

  • Regenerative Value Creation

    We support large companies to integrate business success with benefitting all stakeholders, incl. investors and Nature. RVC turns positive impact costs into strategic investments that generate high returns by attracting talent, customers and investors, strengthening your brand equity, value chains and license to operate. It’s the unavoidable future of all business. It already works now.

    The future now

    Co-designing and co-leading transformation program for 120 CEOs and core function leaders of global conglomerate to generate competitive advantage & integrated value creation, adapted to diverse global contexts. Integrating core vision and strategy with innovating regenerative business models, products, leadership, stakeholder relationships and system impacts.

  • B Corp Certification & Business Potential

    Globally 10,000 Benefit Corporations and certified B Corps demonstrate how business can be a force for Good. Many NOW partners are co-founders and senior leaders of the B Corp movement. We accompanied hundreds of companies on their B journey, including helping them to fully benefit from the B potential to drive positive impact, innovation, transformation and overall business success.

    B Way of Business

    Our partners co-founded the B Corp movement and support B certification & business transformation of multinationals, inc. Chiesi (pharmaceuticals), Natura & Co and Danone USA. NOW partners with B Lab to create B Way platform to support companies on all aspects of B Journey – from exploring whether to seek certification to full-on B Corp transformation.

“I believe that companies are – above all – agents of transformation.”

Guilherme Leal

Co-founder, Natura & Co

  • Vision, Purpose, Values

    We support companies and their leaders to identify and refine their purpose, values and vision - not only as clear ideas but as experiential realities that guide and empower action. Vision can arise like the North Star out of deep contact with our purpose. It becomes reality through aligned action, grounded in alive rather than theoretical values.

    Serving 3 billion by 2030

    Supporting Philips to serve billions of people as a sustainable healthcare innovation leader. Helping to concretize this corporate purpose in the 2025 vision that unifies the health of people and planet, invites 80,000 employees to live their personal purpose and empowers 50,000 suppliers to move towards Regenerative Value Creation.

  • Strategy & Culture

    We support you to translate purpose and vision into action-oriented strategy and the diverse aspects of its implementation. To fully succeed, especially disruptive strategies need to be empowered by aligned innovations in leadership and culture development. Unfortunately, this alignment is rare, causing many strategies to be less impactful than they could be.

    Culture eats strategy for breakfast

    To empower Tata Communications groundbreaking strategy shift from being an Indian product and service company to becoming a top global solution provider that today empowers many tech industry leaders, we coached the CEO and his global team, helped to align leadership and culture development, including hiring criteria, career paths, KPIs and incentives.

  • Solutions and Platforms

    Business success depends increasingly on offering integrated solutions and multi-player platforms that catalyze and aggregate breakthrough innovation and application opportunities in industries ranging from tech and pharma to food and infotainment. This meta-trend is reinforced by the local needs to regenerate complex social and environmental systems, which in turn offer multiple opportunities.

    Vision, Innovation & Brand

    Our partners launched Apple’s category-defining PowerBooks Product Platform, creating a new era of portable computing and generating $1 bn in its first year. Supported leadership and the design team to tap into the founding innovation vision, rethink the design process, and re-conceptualize the brand product line as a reflection of personal identity.

“The real goal of what we’re doing is to have a positive impact on the world.”

Ed Catmull

CEO, Pixar