Assisi Regenerative Leadership Retreat

After the B for Good Leaders Summit, we continued the inspiration in Assisi! NOW Partners, B for Good Leaders, the Global Solidarity Fund and the Regenerative Economy Forum joined together to co-host a unique Regenerative Leadership Retreat in nearby Assisi, to digest together Rome’s rich input within the peaceful natural and cultural beauty of Assisi.

How can we – individually and together – offer the world inspiration and concrete solutions that demonstrate that another economy, another world is possible? 

The unique combination of Assisi’s nature, medieval beauty and spiritual atmosphere will provide an opportunity to explore this and other questions with peers whose values are aligned and whose backgrounds are diverse enough to inspire innovative reflection.

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About the Regenerative Economy Forum:
The Regenerative Economy Forum is a global Action Platform that curates inspired and yet pragmatic visions and solutions of how to accelerate the full integration of economic development and business success with the systemic regeneration of nature, people and societies – what we call ‘Regenerative Value Creation.’

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