NOW Partners in Davos at World Economic Forum

Davos, Switzerland. Merijn Dols of NOW Partners and Future Economy Forum recently returned from the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos, and shares highlights from sessions about regenerative food, business and economy.

Regenerative Food Systems Dialogue

At the inaugural REGENHouse, a Regenerative Food Systems dialogue was held with farmers, partners at EIT Food, including Dr. Lucy Wallace and their new CEO Richard Zaltzmann, HowGood and the Institute of Regeneration’s Ethan Soloviev.

Courageous, Collective Leadership

Our partners Imagine and Fortune hosted a session on ‘Courageous, collective leadership’. The conversation was started with a dialogue between Paul Polman (Co-Founder, Imagine) and Alan Murray (CEO, Fortune Media). The panel was hosted by Valerie Keller (CEO, Imagine), featuring Hein Schumacher (CEO, Unilever), Leena Nair (CEO, Chanel), Jesper Brodin (CEO, IKEA), Fatoumata Ba (Founder, Janngo Capital)

Jesper Brodin, CEO, IKEA made a clear statement: “Sustainable business is not only possible, but it’s better for business.”

Hein Schumacher, CEO, Unilever emphasized: “Convert long-term initiatives into short-term goals. Business needs clear frameworks like the ISSB.”

Leena Nair, CEO, Chanel highlighted the vast potential of positive impact by business, in addition to strong business performance: “We are also the largest philanthropic organization globally working with women.”

Systemic Climate Action Collaborative

After hosting the 2nd session of the Missing Trillions at the Future Economy Forum evening dialogues during COP28 in Dubai, the Systemic Climate Action Collaborative hosted their 3rd session at Davos with a dialogue featuring the NOW Partner, Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, Co-President of the Club of Rome. 

Dixson-Decleve commented on the importance of economic and business transformation: ‘We need to change our national accounts to include social and ecological capital,’ and ‘History has shown that egalitarian societies create the best business environments.’

Naresh Shanker, the founder of Menlo Park Advisors, commented: ‘We are not faced with a money problem, we just have to get smart about the solutions we build.’