NOW Partners at OutDoor by ISPO

Munich, Germany. June 3-5, 2024. ISPO + NOW Partners co-host Innovation Labs, MasterClasses & a VIP Innovation Dinner for top leaders in the outdoor industry.

NOW is pleased to collaborate again with ISPO at one of the largest international trade shows for the outdoor industry in the world: OutDoor by ISPO in Munich. At OutDoor by ISPO, ISPO + NOW Partners designed a program to bring together top leaders from the outdoor industry for a series of Innovation Labs, MasterClasses & an Innovation Dinner designed to support these industry leaders to move toward business models that integrate business success with the regeneration of people and the planet.

ISPO + NOW have invited a select group of outdoor leaders to participate in Innovation Labs, custom-designed to explore and tackle the opportunities and challenges of Regenerative Value Creation for their businesses. Co-hosted by ICEBUG GmbH and Reju, these Innovation Labs delivered insightful and actionable outcomes that lead the outdoor industry towards a regenerative future. Our VIP Innovation Dinner was more than just a dinner; it was designed to be a catalyst for innovation and a springboard for transformative ideas that will shape the future of our industry.

Some highlights that were shared:
Veronika Gstoettl of ISPO shared the importance of collaborative efforts in the facing of changing circumstances: “We are here to support the Outdoor industry together to move forward from a crisis that we can only face and overcome if we remember that we are one community and working together we will be stronger.”

Merijn Dols, Managing Partner at NOW, expressed the context and potential of the Innovation Labs: “Innovation is the expression of our intent: to transition from a depleting to a regenerative outcome. Innovation is a crossroads to a new view being brought to life.”

David Ekelund, Co-CEO of ICEBUG GmbH, shared this vision: “The system is broken, business as usual is destructive. Companies all over the world chew up the people and destroy the planet. But this is fixable. Icebug is driven by maximising our sports impact in the world: we are uniquely positioned to be real heroes in the framework of humanity.”

On Lobbying for Good:
“Lobbying is using your voice and the voices of your community to maintain an environment that allows you, your business, your community, to advance your mission,” said Laura Santucci. “Whose voices are in the room when decisions are made? You need to be present voicing your ideas where it matters.”

Will Hayler, CEO of Blue Earth Summit commented: “ISPO and the Outdoor industry attracts people with a real passion for sports and outdoor – the same thing is in lobbying to get people together with a passion and engage those passions as a force for good. We can tap into the outdoors passion to lobby for good.”

“Instead of prescribing healthcare, why not prescribing the outdoors? What about lobbying the government to facilitate outdoor activities & supporting them to get there?”

Hunter Lovins, Managing Partner of NOW Partners, did not mince words: “You cannot do business in a dead planet.” She told the crowd, “You exist because people want to go outdoors. We tend to think of competition with each other as businesses, but you have a different competition that should unite you: you are competing with video games or a climate crisis or other places where people want to be, instead of the outdoors. We can work together to protect what you depend on: a clean environment where people want to be.”

About Innovation for Impact
Walter Link, CEO NOW, in describing the potential of regenerative economic models and whole system carbon credits, commented: “You can cooperate and you can compete. Now we are moving to another level, the level of building a new systemic mindset.”

Patrik Frisk, CEO of Reju said: “We are building new ecosystems believing that innovation is also about doing things differently as well as doing new things. How can industry create regenerative flows? A mental reframing is required. We cannot reverse our current system but require an evolutionary shift.”

Learn more about the Innovation Labs & MasterClasses by ISPO + NOW Partners, custom designed to support industry leaders to explore the opportunities of regenerative business models and Regenerative Value Creation in a pre-competitive space with pace-setting companies: