NOW Partners at B for Good Leaders

Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 23-24th. Join NOW Partners at the B for Good Leaders Summit in Amsterdam.

NOW Partners is partnering with ATOLYE and the Future Economy Forum to host the Regenerative Economy track at B for Good Leaders in Amsterdam.

The NOW, ATOLYE & Future Economy Forum teams are thrilled to be hosting the Regenerative Economy track in this year’s B for Good Leaders conference. Our teams have designed a dynamic, insightful and collaborative flow, customized to invite participants from the 1,200 B Corp CEOs and leaders from around the world to join in on shaping the agenda.

The Regenerative Economy track will be made up of two session formats: Regenerative Dialogues and Regenerative Innovation Labs

In the Regenerative Dialogues we come together to hear impact-minded leaders exchange their journeys and the tangible solutions that they have created. Each dialogue will be opened with some guiding questions for the audience, and we’ll be creating space for individual and group reflection. 

The Regenerative Innovation Labs are hands-on sessions where we will introduce the guiding framework and form working groups to collaborate on real cases to co-create solutions for regenerative value creation. These sessions are bite-sized versions of in-depth Innovation Labs that we are designing to support us as a community of B leaders to discover regenerative models that empower our companies to thrive. 

These sessions present opportunities for the B for Good community of leaders to source collective wisdom to seed impactful solutions, and as a group of like-minded impact leaders, to pave the way for a regenerative future together.  Stay tuned for more updates from the Regenerative Economy Track!