NOW Partners at B Corp Summit Poland

Pleased to participate in the First B Corp Summit in Warsaw, Poland as a strategic partner alongside B Lab Europe, to BETTER, who designed and facilitated the summit.

About the Summit:

“Our ambition is to gather together companies and leaders who are aware of the negative effects of the old paradigm of doing business as usual and are sharing demand to change it. We need “to fix the world in 10 years”, and this is the message we want to broadcast together with like-minded business leaders.”

We need to start making the change at our doorstep, in our organizations, companies, neighborhoods. We need to work for reinventing the capitalism into the new system, caring for all stakeholders, regenerative, inclusive, resilient, embracing ALL forms of life on our planet.

Pawel Nizinski, partner at NOW Partners, B Corp Market Explorer, CEO/Managing Partner of BETTER says, “To continue the journey through the Universe we must fix all the screws and change the way we navigate. That means learning from the best practices, creating relevant solutions, acting more – debating less. There are only 10 years left. Let’s do it!”

Among the speakers and facilitators from NOW Partners that participated in the summit were: Tom Cummings, Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, Shiva Dustdar, Walter Link, Hunter Lovins, Chris Marquis, Andy Middleton, Pawel Nizinski, Marcello Palazzi, Renske van Grinsven, and Moneshia zu Eltz.

Featured Sessions:

Excerpt below from the opening lecture, ”EU in the Green Renewal is real and this is how things are shaping up,” by Sandrine Dixson-Declève, partner at NOW Partners and Co-President, The Club of Rome in dialogue with Tom Cummings, Managing Partner of NOW Partners.

Tom Cummings and Sandrine Dixson-Decleve in dialogue at the B Corp Summit Warsaw. Video via BETTER.
Financial Sector Responses to Global Challenges:

NOW Partners’ Managing Partner Moneshia zu Eltz and Shiva Dustdar, the European Investment Bank’s Head of Innovation Finance Advisory, are featured in conversation with NOW Partner Pawel Nizinski of BETTER, discussing questions such as:

  • To what extent are investors really interested in business transformation?
  • What are the key factors investors seek in business when thinking of a good investment these days?
  • How do you see the future of ESG indexes and their prospect role?
  • What is the link between B Corp movement and ESG based investment?
Moneshia zu Eltz, Shiva Dustdar and Pawel Nizinski in dialogue at the B Corp Summit Warsaw. Video via BETTER.

From CSR to Regenerative Economy:

Moderated by Walter Link, CEO and Co-founder of NOW Partners, in dialogue with Hunter Lovins, NOW Partner and President of Natural Capitalism Solutions, Andy Middleton, Partner at NOW Partners, and Dominika Bettman, CEO Siemens Poland, discussing:

  • The journey from CSR towards more radical measures needed in systemic transformation of business.
  • The challenges of the passage from the old paradigm towards the new one, what are the cornerstones of the Regenerative approach towards economy.
  • What it means for global perspective, B Corp movement and local Polish context.

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