New alliance! Avina Foundation & NOW

Pleased to announce our new alliance with Fundación Avina to regenerate business & economy!

The Avina Foundation and NOW Partners have entered into an extensive partnership agreement to co-create impact towards a Regenerative Economy by pursuing collaborative goals. Together, Avina and NOW work to:

  • Support owners, CEOs and senior executives of large corporations and financial institutions based in Latin America to realize Regenerative Value Creation that integrates economic success with the regeneration of people and planet.
  • Offer an adaptive suite of services in regard to:
    • Purpose and Vision
    • Strategy, Culture and Leadership
    • Finance & M&A
    • Innovation, Operations, Supply Chain
    • Brand, Value Chain and Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Popularize the concepts of the urgently needed Regenerative Economy, Regenerative Leadership and Regenerative Value Creation throughout Latin America.
  • Amplify the voices of Latin American leaders in business, finance and other sectors of society in the worldwide efforts towards creating a regenerative economy.

Avina Foundation and NOW Partners are joining forces to shape and apply a fundamentally new logic and DNA for businesses developed by NOW – Regenerative Value Creation (RVC), that allows companies and economies to integrate economic success with positive impact for society and nature.

RVC starts with re-designing core business models and their implementation throughout corporate activities, transforming regenerative impact from costs into investments that generate value for all stakeholders, including shareholders.

Regenerative Value Creation: Integrating regeneration of people & planet with business & economic success.

Regenerative Value Creation is not only possible, but already being successfully practiced by companies globally. It is inherent in the 2030 Vision of Natura & Co, and Philips’ 2025 Sustainability Vision, both of which NOW’s partners helped to create. Learn more about Regenerative Value Creation here.


The architects of this alliance are Avina Foundation’s Gabriel Baracatt Sabat (CEO) and Pablo Vagliente (Director of Business and Sustainable Finances) and NOW Partners’ Marcos Eguiguren Huerta (Regenerative Finance Lead), Tom Cummings (Managing Partner), Walter Link (Co-founder & CEO).

Dr. Marcos Eguiguren Huerta, NOW Partners’ Regenerative Finance Lead comments, “The alliance between NOW Partners and Avina aims to spread the concept of Regenerative Value Creation throughout Latin America, and help businesses and business leaders to integrate this new business logic into the DNA of Latam’s leading companies.” He continues, “We also want to listen and learn from Latin American business leaders and bring Latam voices and best practices as an inspiration to other global companies in the pathway for change.”

Pablo Vagliente, Avina Foundation’s Director of Business and Sustainable Finance, in turn commented that “We welcome this agreement because -considering our goal of generating systemic changes in the Latin American economy-, the expertise of NOW Partners and that of its team is fundamental. They can demonstrate that a regenerative economy is the best short and long-term solution for all types of companies.” He added: “If I were the CEO of a company in the region, I would value the help that this alliance can bring, pointing out Avina’s track record in sustainable development and the tools and vision that NOW Partners brings to drive change.”


Avina was created in 1994 by Swiss entrepreneur Stephan Schmidheiny to contribute to sustainable development. Fundación Avina, the organization based in Latin America, emerged in 2001 with the mission to produce the large-scale changes necessary for sustainable development in the region.

NOW Partners is a global partnership of 100+ senior business leaders, change experts and their teams united to accelerate the economic evolution of multinationals, large family companies and systems institutions. We empower our client-partners in their transition towards fully integrating economic success with equitably benefiting all stakeholders, including shareholders and Nature.


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