IBA Worldwide announces B Corp Certification


Photographed above, NOW Partners’ Co-founder and Global Ambassador, Marcello Palazzi, speaks at Euronext in Brussels as IBA Worldwide announces their B Corp Certification.

Congratulations to IBA Worldwide for achieving B Corp Certification! IBA is the second publicly listed Belgian company to be B Corp Certified.

In his address, Marcello comments, “The B Corps are the centerpiece of a benefit capitalism. And it’s entrepreneurs driving this economy – absolutely. We are all entrepreneurs in the B Corp movement, but it’s enterpreneurs with a purpose. With an intention to be as positive as we can for the planet and for people. 

And we’ve seen in the last few years how much dynamism and energy there is. We’ve seen last week, what happened in the Netherlands with the Shell case. We say the next 10 years are crucial to start changing the way business works for the future for all of us, for our children, for our grandchildren. So the B Corps represent a movement of such companies that are trying to lead the way. 

And this is not started by governments. It is started by the business leaders themselves. They don’t want to wait for regulation. They want to take initiative and say we are responsible for our own actions.” 


Pictured above at IBA’s B Corp Benelux certification ceremony:
Elio Di Rupo, Walloon Minister President
Thomas Dermine, Secretary of State
Pierre Mottet, IBA Worldwide management team
Olivier Legrain, IBA Worldwide management team
Marcello Palazzi, Co-founder and Global Ambassador, NOW Partners, Co-founder and Global Ambassador, B Lab Europe


Video link from IBA Worldwide