How can we advance
climate solutions at COP28?

Climate solutions exist and are proliferating. How can we work together to scale and implement these solutions mainstream for impactful change? Thanks to all who joined us this weekend with KIT Royal Tropical Institute, NOW Partners and Future Economy Forum for an interactive dialogue exploring how we can advance climate action at COP 28.

The speakers & co-hosts who kicked off our dialogues:

Hunter Lovins, Co-author of Natural Capitalism and 16 other books that outline concrete steps about how to implement Regenerative Value Creation.
Darlene R. C. Currie, Founder, Global Social Impact Fund, working across sectors to advance equity and social justice via philanthropy and social finance.
Laura Santucci, Founding Partner, Future Economy Forum and former Chief of Staff of the Obama White House Political Operations and of the UN’s World Food Programme
Merijn Dols, Managing Partner of NOW Partners, member of the Google Food Lab and former Global Head of Open Innovation and Circularity at Danone.


Henri van Eeghen, CEO of KIT Royal Tropical Institute and host to the SDG House and Impact Hub and former CEO of Synergos that advances Regeneration and Bridging Leadership around the world.
Walter Link, Founding President of NOW Partners and the Future Economy Forum, co-founder of the first sustainable business alliances across Europe and the Americas.

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