Global decentralized governance

NOW decentralizes decision-making as much as possible to the NOW partners who lead project teams. They manage projects on the basis of our common-sense principles, which are empowered by the selection of NOW partners who are not only professionally but also personally mature and culturally aligned.

Culture & Relationship

We believe in real relationships and an increasingly shared culture of living values more than in complex structures and bureaucratic processes. We will therefore invest the time needed to meet each other in person and virtually to really listen and consider together how to best address whichever challenges and opportunities may arise.

Co-creative community

We encourage all partners, staff and team members to swiftly address any relational disturbances and other issues that get in the way of effective collaboration and the cocreation of a mutually supportive community that enjoys working and being together.


Decisions that are best made at the center, are made by NOW’s two co- founders who are being advised by NOW’s staff and the partners most actively involved in developing various aspects of NOW shared infrastructure.