World Water Forum

World Water Forum, Dakar 2022 | Financing instruments for paradigm shift in Africa water finance

NOW Partners and the African Development Bank are co-organizing a session at the World Water Forum on Financing instruments for paradigm shift in Africa water finance.

The session is moderated by Debjyoty Mukherjee (Part 1) and Monica A. Altamirano, NOW Partners’ Public Private Partnerships lead (Part 2).

The session discuss traditional as well as innovative financing instruments for the water sector in Africa in view of lessons learned globally. During the session a handbook on available financing instruments for the Africa region will be released and through a panel discussion between world experts and regional pioneers the most important principles for innovative and climate finance, will be elucidated. This will include a discussion on the potential of partnerships and coalitions and the role of multiple players: NGO’s, public development banks and others.

Event Details:

4A Mobilize additional financial resources and promote innovative funding
Code: 4A4
09.00 TO 10.30
Room: ROOM 7



  • Agenda
  • Opening words about the session objectives and the handbook AFDB (High level) – 10 min


  • Setting the stage: Africa main challenges and opportunities Keynote speaker (High level) – to be decided – 10 min
  • Handbook presentation AFDB (to be named) – 30 min
  • Brief introduction and presentation of main principles/ findings
  • AFDB client – talking on a specific example 5 min
  • Panel discussion – creating the African innovative finance ecosystem ( & rules of the game ) Firestarters -of 2,5 minutes each (role from a specific angle) and then followed by open discussion and audience questions (questions to be discussed with co-convenors to make they can mention their points)
    in reaction to the handbook presentationg around the following key topics:
  • Local project preparation / investment planning capacity – to shape nexus/ multi-sectoral and bankable projects that leverage the power of PPP AWF-TBN
  • Africa Climate Mobility Initiative – Blended Finance principles for water investments, partnerships and Coaliation Africa Climate Mobility /TBN
  • National Public Banks (Finance in Common) AFD/ TBN
  • Markets / finance for SMEs Waterpreneurs / TBN
  • Humanitarian NGO’s Solidarite International / TBN
    Strategic investment pathways for African cities OECD/ TBN
  • Summary of session takeaways & closing TBN

Debjyoty Mukherjee (Part -1) and Monica A. Altamirano (Part 2)

Projects included:
Handbook for financing water security in Africa
Africa Climate Mobility Initiative
Finance in Common / AFD initiative

AfDB, NOW Partners

Other organizers:
Solidarite International
Africa Climate Mobility Initiative