NOW Partners is Celebrating B Corp Month!


NOW Partners is proud to be a part of the B Corp Movement and celebrating #BCorpMonth!

NOW Partners stands behind the B Corp movement’s standards on governance, impact on people and planet, accountability and transparency that are so essential to making the urgently needed Regenerative Market Economy of the future possible.

This March, NOW Partners joins a global community of more than 3,700 businesses in celebrating what it means to be a Certified B Corporation. Throughout the month we will be highlighting aspects of the B Corp movement that inspire us, and the vast potential of Better Business to accelerate the evolution of a Regenerative Market Economy.

NOW partner Renske van Grinsven leads a session, ‘Beyond the B,’ at the B Summit in Amsterdam, 2019.

NOW’s partners are deeply connected with the B Corp movement –  our partners are co-founders and leaders of the B Corp movement globally, owners of B Corps themselves, experts in the B Impact Assessment (BIA), and authors of leading publications about B Corp businesses. In Latin America, our partners co-founded and led Sistema B, bringing the B Corp movement to Latin America, and are leaders of Academia B – which supports the bridging of academics and the B Corp movement. Our partners also co-founded and co-led B Lab Europe, B Corp Nordics and B Lab East Africa.


NOW Partners is an official founding partner of B Lab’s B Corp Way platform, designed to support multinationals and large companies at all stages of their B Journeys.

To serve the rapidly growing number of multinationals, large family companies and systems institutions that are ready to fully integrate positive impact with economic success, NOW Partners offers a suite of services to transition corporations from mainstream to regenerative and B Corp business models. NOW’s partners have already supported many of the world’s most iconic brands in their transitions and transformations, and closely partner with all companies we work with to discover and implement customized solutions for their specific transformation and transition opportunities. 

Learn more about ​NOW Partners and our ​B Corp offering here.

Photo by Jurre Rompa, shot at B Lab’s B Summit Amsterdam, 2019