'Beyond the B' at B Corp Summit Amsterdam

Inspiring congregation of B Corp leaders, employees, and representatives from around Europe – gathered for the two-day event held in Amsterdam and hosted by B Lab Europe.


Among the NOW Partners in attendance were Marcello Palazzi, Tom Cummings, Giulia Detomati, Roeland Dikker Hupkes, Christophe Fauconnier, Pawel Nizinski, Renske van Grinsven, Jaap van den Hoek, Eric Ezechieli, Stefan Siemer, Daniel Truran, and Randall Zindler.

NOW Partners’ Renske van Grinsven facilitating the ‘Beyond the B’ session.

NOW Partners’ partner Renske van Grinsven facilitated the well attended session, ‘Beyond the B,’ encouraging an open dialogue between representatives of parallel movements about their roles in building a new economy.


Joining Renske for the session were a fantastic group of people representing a range of other networks and movement based organisations who will help shape thinking on partnerships and collaboration – the key to all of us achieving our ambitious goals:

  • Anna Bonan, Purpose Economy
  • Fanny Naville, 1% for the Planet
  • Kevin Tayebaly, Change Now
  • Markus Hipp, BMW Foundation
  • Saskia Bruysten, Yunus Social Business

Topics addressed in the session include:

  • Putting SDG 17 Partnerships for Goals – into action
  • Consider what we can do together that we can not do alone.
  • Consider thru honest and open high-level dialog to explore the most valuable criteria for partnerships, and how can we lift each other up to achieve our ambitious goals for an inclusive economy and society, through imaginative collaboration.
  • Developing a greater understanding of who else is working to build lasting and inclusive economies, and whether the main challenges for further collaboration are uniform across organisations.

All photos courtesy of B Lab Europe and Jurre Rompa.

NOW Partners’ Managing Partner Tom Cummings speaking at B Summit Amsterdam.

Great energy from this growing movement to create #betterbusiness by committing to principles of interdependence, transparency, diversity & inclusion – integrating economic success with regeneration of people and planet.

NOW Partners’ Renske van Grinsven & Giulia Detomati. Photo by Jurre R.
NOW Partners’ Daniel Truran. Photo by Jurre R.
Main stage at Lead the B Summit, Amsterdam. Photo by Jurre R.