A New Alliance: Been Management Consulting + NOW Partners

NOW Partners and Been Management Consulting launch a new alliance to support companies in their transitions towards Regenerative Value Creation – doing well by doing good. The two advisory groups join forces to better serve companies on developing and implementing transformation strategies to strengthen business results through higher impact and stakeholder engagement.
Why is it beneficial to join forces? And what does the partnership entail?
Business as a force for good

Been Management Consulting makes a positive impact through its projects. It focuses on systemic change to create a future-proof business and a better world. Its 50+ consultants support companies to set a new strategy, to boost performance, and to mobilize their organization. Been Management Consulting has helped companies such as Pfizer, Schiphol Airport, Essent, Transdev, LM Windpower (GE), and Huhtamäki. www.beenmc.com

Scaling up transformations

Tom Cummings, a managing partner of NOW Partners, comments: “We’re experiencing a fundamental shift in the business world today. More and more boards are eager to turn their business into a force for good. Many businesses have already taken the first steps in the right direction and now they’re eager to scale up and learn from the experience of the frontrunners. That’s where the systemic change expertise and deep industry knowledge of Been comes in. How can we support companies and their leaders to make the changes that will lead to business results?”

Tapping into groundbreaking experience

Roel Beentjes, managing partner of Been Management Consulting: “That’s exactly right. Company leaders are very interested in turning their business into a future-proof business for a better world. However, there aren’t a lot of companies that have already successfully made this transition. That’s where NOW Partners comes in: their advisors and experts have done groundbreaking work across the globe that our clients in the Benelux can benefit from.”

New programs in leadership development

What can we expect of this partnership? Roel shares the first results: “We’ve already designed a leadership & development program together that starts with the people at the top, whom we support together with NOW’s experts and other pioneers in regenerative value creation. A program that makes leaders think differently about their business and enables them to act in new ways. A program that cascades down into the organization, mobilizing all people, building a better business with head and heart.”

Walter Link, NOW Partners’ Founder-CEO adds: “Having learned how to lead and transform companies as the co-owner of a 140-year old Euro-US-Asian industrial family group in partnership with companies like Siemens, Merck and Carrier, I am convinced that successful strategies need to be empowered by leadership and culture development, that visionary transformation also requires pragmatic transition, that we best co-create business success when strong internal teams work together with outside advisors who bring fresh perspectives and dare to challenge our status quo.”

To learn more about the leadership development program or about other opportunities, please contact Been’s Roel Beentjes via roel.beentjes (at) beenmc (dot) com or NOW’s Renske van Grinsven via the webform on this site.